I think a camera at this level should include a charger that isn’t the camera. OMG not another reviews by an owner YES but you will like this One ! On another shoot, it was a balmy 108 F at the start of the long hike up to the Caves of Muntes on Scorpion Peak in California’s San Fernando Valley. For news about the media business, please check out our sister brands Cablefax and Cynopsis. You can use the auto setting on either channel. Following the afternoon there, we drove a few kilometers to the west to a former military post on a mountain near the Israel-Syria border. They had everything from a Sammy Davis Jr. impersonator, to a Chasidic rabbi to one of Howard Stern’s show regulars. Buy Canon XF400 UHD 4K60 Camcorder with Dual-Pixel Autofocus featuring 8.29MP, 1" CMOS Sensor, UHD 4K 60 fps and HD 120 fps Recording, HDMI 2.0 Output, 1080i50/60 H.264 IP Streaming, Integrated 15x Optical Zoom Lens, Advanced Zoom up to 30x, Dual XLR Inputs, Four Channels of Audio, Dual-Pixel CMOS Autofocus Feature, 2 x DIGIC DV 6 Processors, 2 x SD Memory Card Slots. Read the full review The one I got came with adapters for a car and European AC plugs. Additionally, the Canon XF405 professional video camera records in MP4 format to dual SD card slots. I’ve spent three months with the Canon XF405 on various shoots in California and Israel to test it out, so let’s dive in. The Same but Better. I’d rather they adjust the shutter from 1/60 to 1/30 for better low-light performance. I tried boosting the gain farther, until I could see noise, and that was at 35 db. It makes the camera look more like the consumer GX10 and take up a lot less space. Audio set-up gives you a lot of flexibility. They turn counter-clockwise to lower the level, and clockwise to raise it, which is the opposite of every other camera I have owned, so I had to get used to that. Instead, our system considers things like how recent a review is and if the reviewer bought the item on Amazon. The XF405 has worked out perfectly so far. The standard battery lasts 100 min. F2.8 – 4.5, 15x optical (probably 30x digital) zoom lens and the DIGIC DV6 processor, handling the output from the 1″ CMOS sensor. After restarting the camera, it took two or three minutes before it appeared again. Exercising our ever-growing stash of aging hard disk drives is necessary to ensure accessibility. Find out more. Did you enjoy this article? Holiday Gift Guide 2020. There was no media included, and there was also no battery charger. I educated them that many of the smaller pro cameras out today will replace the larger Betacam-size rigs they were used to seeing at press events. You can choose between 4K and 1080 in 24p, 30p, or 60p, in both MP4 (H.264) and Canon MXF. It is now a tourist destination with a coffee shop you can explore and a view into Syria. The first project we used the XF405 for was the only one where we used the HD-SDI port. The black-and-white images are sharp and detailed. The camera survived a number of collisions with trees, rocks and cave walls (it can be dark until you turn on the IR). I had to assure them that this was not something I purchased on a Best Buy special. You can pre-order … Dual pixel CMOS AF. The Canon XF705 has a 1.0″ type CMOS sensor with a DIGIC DV6 processing all the camera’s UHD footage. Designed to meet the needs of professionals, the XF405 offers a wide range of recording possibilities. On most pro cameras I’ve used, gain introduces noise to the footage, even at 6dB. Marc Franklin (left) with monopod-mounted VX405 and host Dana Jamison just outside a cave.Marc Franklin. Canon XF405 is a popular and one of the more expensive options. Meanwhile, after a year of using the XF400, I've figured out ways around most of the shortcomings I described originally (by using the Manfrotto MVR901EPLA). © 2020 Access Intelligence, LLC – All Rights Reserved. Shooting interviews for The Brian Ortega Foundation.Marc Fanklin. Canon XF405 is a popular and one of the more expensive options. At that point, the interview was really interesting so I said, “Screw it. There is a virtual button on the touchscreen labeled Photo that will capture an 8 megapixel still without shooting video. The shoot consisted of the ceremony, martial-arts demonstrations, and interviews with the scholarship winners. The camera’s high resolution and its 15x zoom lens made it possible for us to discover something I hadn’t seen before. The XF405 Professional Camcorder features a Canon 1.0-inch 4K UHD CMOS image sensor capable of 4K UHD video capture at 60p and slow motion recording up to 120fps in Full HD, making the XF405 camcorder a strong contender for professional productions, creative fields and more. 15x Optical 4K UHD Zoom Lens with 5-Axis Optical Image Stabilization. That low light performance is very impressive in a video camera. Buy Canon XF405 HD Camcorder Digital Camcorders from S World MarketPlace at lowest price in Canada. I shot a big 70th birthday party that had non-stop entertainment, musicians, a hypnotist, two comedians, and other people giving the guest of honor well wishes for about three hours. The XF405 is a compact professional ENG video camera capable of shooting in 4K UHD 50P / 60P and FHD 100P / 120P. Kingston Technology supplied six 256 GB high-performance SDXC cards that worked flawlessly during the review. While touring the Ammunition Hill Museum in Jerusalem, you get to walk on the actual battlefield that consisted of narrow trenches and bunkers from where Jordanian snipers used to shoot at people in the Jewish Quarter from 1948 until 1967, when Israeli paratroopers took it at great cost. If you are shooting in manual mode, as most pros do, you will need to get used to hitting the Function button on the flip-out touchscreen. The Canon XF405 Camcorder is an all-in-one that can shoot 4K UHD footage at 60p and slow motion up to 120FPS in Full HD. Top view of the Canon XF405 camcorderCanon USA. If you intend to record theater performances, seminars, weddings, or conferences where you are shooting long segments at a time, you will need to invest in at least an additional three or four batteries and a portable charger to be safe. The XF405 Professional Camcorder offers an outstanding combination of 4K UHD image quality, features and functionality in a compact portable design ideally suited for on-the-go Electronic News Gathering (ENG) and documentary production. On the pro side, the XF400 is nearly identical, but is missing the HD-SDI output and is priced at about $600 less. While the XF405 is not as compact as its smaller HD-only sibling, the XA15, I was able to get into some very tight places that I wouldn’t be able to navigate easily with the Canon EOS C200 or my Sony Z7U. Where we had modest lighting from the sun peeking in from small holes in the cavern roof, the XF405 did very well,in regular shooting mode. Basically, the Canon XF705 seems to offer most of everything the Canon XF405 had to offer and then some more. There is no battery charger. I stopped recording for fear of killing the camera and shut it down to cool off for a few minutes. It's in the top 3 bestselling cameras and has dozens of popular alternatives in the same price range, such as Panasonic AG-DVX200 or JVC GY-HM200. If you need to travel on the 405 to get to a shoot, you generally need to leave two or three hours ahead of time to avoid traffic or risk sitting in traffic for one or two hours to go 15 or 20 miles. Well, that can’t be good: a yellow thermometer warning appears when the camera’s operating temperature is excessive.Marc Franklin. The camera did get a few looks of disbelief, as the client was used to seeing me with a more “professional looking” (bigger) camera.
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