All silver tabby varieties, Polydactyl cats, also called "polydacts" or "Hemingway cats" are sometimes confused as a "breed," however they fall under the domestic cat category.Truthfully, most registries do not accept polydact cats in their standards. TOS = Tonkinese Shorthair If you come across codes like MCO 3, or DRX 5, it should be noted 1. (since this article was published the breed numbering system has changed again !) All pointed LH cats with white in the Siamese/Oriental group get the breed code SYL; White (white all over) LH cats with siamese blue eye colour get the code BAL w 67; All non-pointed LH cats in the Siamese/Oriental group get the breed code OLH; For Variants we mark proven carriers Var-0. Yakshi Hi-Fi, SIA d, is SH and his parents are BAL b x SIA h. He is of course then carrying LH since his sire is LH (Balinese), so he is marked Var-0. CRX = Cornish Rex 21 = Unspecified tabby pattern 25 = Ticked tabby Within each color category, there are two accepted types of pattern: Spotted and Marble. 6 = The same as group 5, but with white To determine what color your Persian kitten will be, use the Color Calculator by choosing the color of the Father mated to the color of the Mother in the Index below (shown in alphabetical order). 56 = Hock (between half to hock and hock length)** 64 = Green eyed It is also so, that if the ancestry of a cat is updated and new info added, we might not yet have updated the Var marking should this be necessary. 0 Comment. Therefore, a cat that appears to be white will breed the same as any of the other colors shown above, depending upon which color it “masks”. TAI = Kirgiz Sighthound Taigan** Cats can spawn every 1200 ticks (1 minute) in a village (5 occupied beds). Offspring of Var-2 cats are marked Var-3. * 09 = Nonagouti with white 03 = -white, bicolour (1/3 to 1/2 of the cat white) TRI = Thai Ridgeback** advanced cat coat calculator The beefed up version of the calculator, with more genes and percentage chances! TRX = Tennessee Rex** The registration number prefixes listed below are for males of that breed and color. White: Always solid, does not have underlying tabby markings, occurs as true-white, or in bicolor and tricolor patterns, seen in Turkish Van, Persian, British Shorthair, Turkish Angora, etc.. 2. Find Out NOW What Your Kitten Color Possibilities Are For Your Upcoming Litters! j = Lilac tortie 83 = Brush The problem here is that different clubs/associations handle this problem differently. 04 = -white, mitted XSH = Shorthaired hybrid c = Lilac BRL = British Longhair** Offspring of Var-0 cats are marked Var-1 ACL = American Curl Longhair In these cases we guess a base colour, and indicate the fact that it is a guess by adding a * after the code, for instance SIA am*. With so many Bengal cat variations, you may not know where to begin when searching for your dream cat. SBI = Birman LH (Sacred Birman) JBL = Japanese Bobtail Longhair PBS = Pixie-Bob Shorthair 72 = Curl The term "Var" may be added at the end of the EMS code to indicate that a shorthair cat carries or may carry the gene for longhair. Random-bred cats have the widest range of eye colours while the eye colours in pedigree breeds have been restricted by selective breeding. The compromise we have chosen to follow is: For Variants we mark proven carriers Var-0. 24 = Spotted tabby Siavana Charlie Brown, OSH b, has a sire who is Var-2 and a dam who is Var-1. Guide to cat colors patterns by majnouna siamese colour chart cat cat colour and pattern charts article very detailed thorough. CFA Breed/Color Designation Charts. TIN = Tosa Inu** Color codes: n - black a - blue d - red e - creme f - blacktortie g - bluetortie s - silver. CRN = Cairn Terrier** • Typically weighs 6 to 10 pounds. Sitemap: Welcome | Board Members/Contact | Ragdoll Clubs | Breeding Ragdolls |Link Banners RFCI Membership: Details & Dues | Code of Conduct | New Member Form | Renewal Form | Associate Form | Provisional Form RFCI Information: By-Laws |Constitution |Regions |Past Presidents |Sample Contracts |Greivances With or without agouti (tabby) and silver. 12 = Shell, chinchilla SRX = Selkirk Rex, not known if longhair or shorthair**
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