I’ve been making cheesecakes for years and never thought of the slow cooker bags (which I happen to store right next to my aluminum foil…haha). I’ve tried the aluminum foil wrap and have never had success in keeping my crust dry. It keeps the cheesecake from sticking to the bottom. The water bath helps bake the cake more evenly and “it provides a moist atmosphere that’ll keep it … You can barely see them, but they’re there. Ever since then, I’ve yet to have a water bath leak. Thanks so much your recipes are fantastic and I’m so glad I found your page today! ). I bought an Oster electric roaster for Thanksgiving 5 years ago. Which is also a great idea Lindsay. I haven’t made cheesecakes in those mini pans before, so I’m not sure. I googled online and it said that those liners are not oven safe. Thanks! I stopped doing the water baths because of the leaking. That is an awesome hack, Lindsay! Cheesecakes I have less experience freezing, but would likely use the same method. If it worked, that’s great. LOOOOVE THIS! Lindsay, I’ve been making cheesecakes for years but lately have been having problems with leakage so I tried your method of using the crockpot liners. Then looked on line to see if I HAVE to have the water right against the springboard pan, which is how I found this page. Tonight I used the bag and a layer of heavy foil. I rarely comment on postsbut, your tip saved my cheesecakes! I happen to have many rather large cake pans around so I use one of those. If there is a lot of butter, I’d try reducing the amount of butter a bit. Once the cheesecake is done baking turn the oven off and gently remove the springform pan from the water bath and oven safe bag. You could try letting the cheesecake cool completely on the counter before adding it to the fridge, which in theory should cause less condensation. I have a solution! Generally, it might vary by 15-20 minutes. Cheesecake water bath tips. and keep the air in the oven moist and keep the oven temperature low. It’s always a great time for cheesecake. God bless you, Lindsay. I was so frustrated with it always leaking. I would like to make several but time limits dictate how many I can get done that guarantee freshness. I am a huge fan of cheesecake- I even have Junior’s original cheesecake recipe, made it so many times, I know it by heart! Lindsay, have you thought about trying turkey bags instead of Crock-Pot bags?? Wish I had this tip last night. yes, I ruined a cheesecake by water bath seeping in also. I hope you enjoyed the cheesecake! I hope you enjoy the recipes! BUT a cheesecake has been requested again so I’m gonna give it another shot. Great idea. I will try it again. Would the size of the larger pan affect the cheesecake in any way? OMG OMG OMG!! I actually had that happen recently and I’m convinced it was that particular box of bags. “Turtle” cheesecake. This is fantastic The parchment paper on the bottom of the pan,is a fantastic idea as well. Never have cheesecake with a soggy crust again! I’ve been making cheesecakes for 45 years & I still can’t tesist a cheesecake recipe! (See below. It’s normally completely dry. Once the cheesecake is done baking turn the oven off and gently remove the springform pan from the water bath and oven safe bag. It’s the best. Life changing lol Thank you!! That’s interesting! In the beginning I never used the “water bath” method, but the last few years & Food Network have convinced me to do so. I have found that when I do the water bath that I have alot and melted butter leaking from my crust. This will help with an even, gentle temperature. No tricks here. I have been freezing cheesecakes for years. I’ll have to look for them! I found your “chocolate lovers cheesecake” on Pinterest. Leak-Proofing Springform Pans We’d love to find a springform pan that doesn’t let moisture seep in when you place it in a water bath (our preferred method for baking delicate desserts like cheesecake), but so far a less-than-watertight seal seems unavoidable on pans with removable bottoms. My plain cheesecake looked like a chocolate one on the top and sides. The cheesecake goes into a springform pan. Will it still taste good? Thanks Mary! So I automatically went into full blown panic attack UNTIL I found your website. It looks like one of my crockpot bags leaked. I’m not sure if I can find slow cooker bags that easily here in Germany. Layer the parchment paper on top of a detached pan. Love your blog! I’m glad you’re finding the site helpful! I love this idea, I’m totally going to try it next time I make a cheesecake. There may be one somewhere that doesn’t, but I do prefer a water bath. Also. Could I bake the crust, let it cool, then wrap the pan in the liner bag and the aluminum then pour the filling. I made the cheesecake for DH’s birthday today and it was a HUGE hit! Butter, shortening, vegetable oil, or something else? The water bath (also known as a bain marie) is used to regulate the baking temperature of the cheesecake. Thank you! Apple Cinnamon Cheesecake No matter how well I wrap the pan and how careful I am with the pouring a small amount of water seeps in and my crust is soggy. Hi we don’t get those bags in South Africa is there something else I could use! Blessings to you, your hubs and the babies! Seriously. Thanks! I can’t say enough how valuable it is! Definitely make sure it’s securely in place and high enough on the sides of the pan for water to not get over the top. And if this wasn’t going to work, I was going to use a large roasting bag to put the spring board in. Then bake as normal. . I think I’m not meant for the water bath method. And the water knows it and gets through. Try to keep the top of the bag right under the rim of the pan, just to be sure no water will get through. I know there are different schools of thought on what’s best. Would one hot water bath those? Yes, step one – get a spring form pan. Unfortunately her favorite is one I’ve never tried making before. Can they collect water due to sweat? I’m looking forward to trying the various cheesecake recipes too! My question is how do you take the bottom off and the parchment paper as well to put on another plate. Red Velvet Cheesecake. Everything was perfect, except the foil leaked. This is seriously genius. Brilliant!! If I’m going to gain ten pounds, I may as well do it EATING the cheesecakes instead of just looking at them, lol. HI Lindsay, I just found your recipe and method of keeping the water from getting into your cheesecake. Required fields are marked *. Set your cake pan inside the water bath (it’s a good idea to wrap it in foil—even if it says leak-proof!) Really nice ! Made my first cheesecake today, used the crockpot bag idea and there was still water in the bottom. All the cheesecake recipes look great! A water bath can be frustrating because it can leak into the pan and cause a messy cheesecake. Make a beautiful, creamy cheesecake with no cracks using this simple water bath method. Hopefully using these tips lets you bake a perfectly cooked water-bathed cheesecake. Made the lemon cheesecake twice now once for my daughters 18th birthday! According to Catherine, “The water bath creates a moist atmosphere that keeps the cake from drying out and cracking.” And we all know that a crack in a gorgeous cheesecake can be disappointing, so using a bain-marie is a good way to avoid that common problem. Not much and there was no holes in the bag because I blew in it to make sure… If the water is not to the top how can water still get in? Lindsay, I do not how or what or who but finding these cheesecake recipes/+hacks/secrets. why do you need the aluminum foil, why cant you just do the slow cooker bag? Wrapped it in foil and baked it. However I’m still not getting a crisp crust (the cheesecake is awesome but can’t stand a soggy crust!) Want to skip all the water bath drama? Most often I use either Baker’s Joy or the Wilton spray. Also be sure to grease the sides of your pan well to help it not stick. God Bless you and your DH and your upcoming family! Your email address will not be published. Plastic bags don’t have this problem. Made my first cheesecake yesterday. We were asked to bring desert to a family gathering. A larger pan shouldn’t affect it. I use the liners to cook my cheesecake. Step 2 – Obtain Heavy Duty Foil. Is there a way to remove the bottom of the spring form pan from the chilled cheesecake easily? Yes, the timing of when you add the wrapping on the pan isn’t so important. My crust looks pretty soggy. MMMMMM.. I’m SO hungry now and I didn’t NEED to see these cheesecakes. Will it still taste good? If you’ve ever baked a cheesecake in a water bath or bain-marie, chances are water has seeped into the cake at least once. but, it was still yummy. I had one years ago that called for almost 3 pounds of chocolate, and lost the recipe. I’d be cautious to say how to adjust something without knowing anything about the cheesecake recipe. Springform pans can leak if you’re baking the cheesecake in a water bath, but this particular pan is reliable. Well often without one a cheesecake will brown around the edges, be a little drier, fall in the center while cooling and most likely crack. I'm a wife and mom to twin boys and a sweet black lab with a serious sweets addiction! I get the yummiest cheesecake with no cracks. This easy to make dessert may be baked or unbaked and the baking of cheesecake may be done with or without using a water bath. Fortunately I discovered a little secret a few months ago and today I finally am sharing it. Could you trim down the larger ones? If you’ve ever baked a cheesecake in a water bath or bain-marie, chances are water has seeped into the cake at least once. I just baked a cheesecake today and was so sad to see the dreaded leakage AGAIN! So bought a deep dish pizza pan to put the springboard pan in. When I pulled it out, I watched the water pour from the bottom of the pan.
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