Ears. It returned to try again with help from members of its clan. Hyenas are very versatile in that they both kill and steal prey. Once you venture out on safari, you’ll be certain which is which with our five helpful comparisons. Hyenas have much larger teeth and a mighty jaw. A pack of four wild dogs was observed furiously defending an old adult male dog from a male lion that attacked it at a kill; the dog survived and rejoined the pack. One on one a cheetah will give up its kill to a hyena. A spotted hyena is easily 2 to 3 times the size of an african wild dog. Hyenas are formidable predators, but wild dogs have one the highest success rate at killing. There are four species of hyena: striped hyena and spotted hyena, are the dangerous ones as they are predatory and more aggressive. We’ll focus here on the African wild dog and the spotted hyena, just to avoid even more confusion! I agree with Forbiddenip, a Hyena would probably even take down two wolves. A brown hyena is roughly twice the size of an african wild dog. Two of those dogs stand a chance but full grown spotted hyenas are killers with only one real threat in their territories: lions. A large Hyena that is angry is not an animal that should be messed with. African Hunting Dog vs Hyena: Fight Comparison. When lions or hyenas harm wild dogs, the members look after one another. So, it is not very tough for African Wild Dog to dominate a Hyena in a fight. With a well-known nickname of man-eater, hyenas are one dangerous wild dogs that you don’t want to encounter. In spite of the fact that Hyena is greater in size, the African Wild Dog will still win the battle. A lone hyena tried to steal the kill, but didn’t succeed. Almost 80% of their hunts are successful, a lot higher than a lion’s 1 in 10! A striped hyena is between 1 and 2 times the size of an african wild dog. Now we broaden our scope to look at two other animals suffering from a case of mistaken identity, the hyena and the wild dog. It has the strength and ability to win this fight with the Hyena. Wild dogs are also very unlikely to be solitary, and their strength is in their unity. While brown hyena and aardwolf (also a hyena) are not known to prey on humans at all. While both hyenas and wild dogs are apex predators, wild dogs tend to rely on hunting while hyenas often have success scavenging. They are also known to drive small groups of lions off a kill. Instead hyenas are known for stealing freshly killed carcasses from wild dog packs. [70] Spotted hyenas are important kleptoparasites [64] and follow packs of African wild dogs to appropriate their kills. Spotted hyenas also pose a risk, but they do not kill wild dogs. Hyenas would best 4 wild dogs in a fight to death imo. In this case, the wild dogs knew their boundaries, and had no choice but to retreat as the hyenas devoured the carcass. This was the fight that ensued. Hyenas are not great team players so they can be easily overwhelmed by a wild dog pack. Wild dogs are unable to kill hyenas and I have seen 10+ wild dogs attack a hyena, the hyenas leaves with minor injuries. Pack strength comes in handy when the wild dogs face up to a solitary lion, leopard, or a few hyenas. In a fight between a hyena and African wild dog, Hyena has higher chances of winning. Watch the big battle of African Wild Dog Vs Hyena fight comparison.
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