Literally any time my scale gets a splash of water on top the weight units reset to default and I have to manually change it back to kg using the silly button that sometimes can’t detect a finger. I was able to compare the Garmin Index Scale’s figures to a Tanita RD953 (amazon – £160 / Eu170) and a Fitbit Aria 2 (Amazon – Eu130 ) and an ageing Tanita Innerscan BC-558. 5.1 Garmin Index Smart Scale; 5.2 1byone Bluetooth Body Fat Scale; 5.3 Nokia Body Cardio; 5.4 Eufy BodySense Smart Scale; 5.5 FitBit Aria 2; 5.6 Under Armour UA HealthBox; 5.7 Weight Gurus Bluetooth Smart Scale; 5.8 iHealth Core; 5.9 Yunmai Smart Scale; 5.10 RENPHO Bluetooth Body Fat Scale I swim, bike and run. I wrote most of it last week and then got distracted eating ice cream or something. If that’s all you came for, read on. than an actual measurement, then it’s a gimmick imo. When I look at the Index 2 vs Index 1, the weight is almost always nearly identical – such as .1lbs apart. Only thing: you can see the range of that day via the blobs as you call them. 10% discount (the5krunner10) at Power Meter City (USA). It’ll ask you to confirm the PIN number, to ensure you’re not snooping on your neighbor’s unconfigured scale or something. Typically this would be for people closer to single-digit body fat %’s. Body composition must be measured at the end of the day when all fluids and processes of the body are up and running. Yes, the Garmin Index Scale is designed to work in the Garmin Connect environment as well as to optionally send measurements to other apps such as Apple Health. I didn’t specifically test that each user’s screen preferences are separately saved, I assume they are. After all that’s done, it’ll display your weight one final time, and then shut itself off – waiting patiently for its 30 seconds of use each day. Wish me luck. I know I can just see the converted value in GCM but as they’re detecting the user anyway (and showing their weight history), why can’t they also display in preferred unit? No login required. As you mentioned a weight loss after a workout is quite artificial. My main issue with these is the accuracy of anything that isn’t weight. This is what I’m using – I will probably upgrade in the hope that either the BF% is more realistic or at least I could now get some decent trending data from it. I’m headed to Paris – what do you recommend for training or sightseeing? I split things in various posts both ways. Could be the reason why it didn’t work! Besides the expected high BF measurement, happy with my purchase and tracking additional metrics in Garmin Connect. Alternatively, for everything else on the planet, simply buy your goods from Amazon via the link below and I get a tiny bit back. I am a recreationally cycler and I … And when they do, they can just tether over wifi, and connect to that. Click this link to enter your question. Garmin Index S2 – Verdict. But, the Withings scale is $59, I’m not sure what additional features or hardware Garmin has that justifies the $90 premium. In the weight section you’ll see every individual weigh-in, as well as trending and even the variance of multiple weigh-ins on a single day (the little grey blobs indicated on certain days with multiple weigh-ins). I see nothing here to cause me to upgrade. Hi, I’m asking for advice. I’ve had a Withings scale for years. I feel like spending some money…but only with your blessing:). It would be a big improvement to take the daily readiness while standing a little bit longer on the scale. DCR, Thanks for the insights. The other thing Garmin says they spent considerable time on was WiFi connectivity, seeming to acknowledge some of the problems people have had with the original Index scale. Messy, but possible, if a Connect IQ developer wanted to do it with a watch-face. I’m planning a post out on that today. Ray’s post of multiple weigh-ins in a single day shows the inverse relationship perfectly. I now use the android ANT+ Weight Scale Display app which pushes data to Garmin Connect and Training Peaks. Hydration, I dunno, I guess I’ll find out after I start logging some post-workout and morning weigh-ins. I didn’t new it was possible with the original Index Scales. Very fine hairline scratches all over the glass top Photo is out of focus but this was the only way to capture the scratches, instead of a reflection of my bathroom ceiling. I tried requesting said access as an individual hoping to create a personal sync solution, but also failed. Press the reset button on the underside of the scale for a few seconds. Seeing the benefits of all those steps when you take that step onto the scale is much nicer. Garmin has just announced the new Index S2 smart WiFi scale, building slightly upon the previous first-generation Index WiFi scale released nearly 5 years ago. After the disaster with the useless bodyfat readings of my two Index scales my first interest now is accuracy of such readings of the INDEX S2. I would have thought I was a bit lower than 16% as I’m pretty skinny, thus the Garmin gave readings that seemed to me to be more likely to be correct. I wonder for years why it is impossible to measure HRV with a scale. Generally, I think I did that each day all the Garmin results seemed plausible when compared to previous results. For example, your Garmin watch will automatically update your weight anytime it syncs with your phone, which, is basically 24×7: So that’s handy if you’re focused on losing weight, rather than finding out three months later that your watch weight is still at a substantially higher value. Here’s a closer look at the feet and batteries. There hasn’t been a fee for the dev/API access for a few years. – Added previous weigh-in vs current weigh-in data difference to screen If you click through using links on the site, we may earn an affiliate commission. Well. Configured for up to 16 users, and easy to sync to your smartphone or device, the Wi-Fi-enabled Index connects straight to the Garmin Connect account, so great if you are already a Garmin smart tech user, plus you get free access to their online fitness community. However, what is firmly in Garmin’s control is the lack of weight trendline information properly accounting for historical data for existing Garmin Index scale users. It only needs to recharged once or twice a year. Rechargeable batteries have limited charging cycles. Now if only Garmin will integrate with Health Mate so that we could get our data in without having to use the middleman called MyFitnessPal. – Can now connect up to 7 WiFi Networks Adding any form of API to make it easy to upload data means they start loosing control of this. I wonder why the scale cannot display additional info from our Garmin watch, like body battery, stress score or sleep quality. as always. Garmin Index Smart Scale (Bathroom Scale): 1 out of 5 stars from 2 genuine reviews on Australia's largest opinion site If yes, is GC using so body fat to fix BMR calculation?  Some reviews are over 60 pages long when printed out, with hundreds of photos! I have the same question. Assuming an app is supported though, you can link it up to get weight data automatically sent to it. (Note: Above, I was purposefully taking a bunch of weigh-ins slightly differently to show multiple weigh-ins on a single screenshot). With all this done (which really only takes a minute or two), you’re good to go. So just putting the two scales side by side you can see the main differences are mostly visual (the white one below is the older scale). As with all my scale reviews, whether or not you find value in the extended metrics beyond just simple weight is up to you. My wife prefers imperial and I prefer metric. Now – what about accuracy? – Skeletal Muscle Mass Thanks for reading! This is with an old Tanita, and another brand I picked up at Meijer while we were at my family’s cabin. Yes, scales are indeed very accurate for measuring weight, no one is denying this. No average values per day are used for that. Usually quite a bit off. And the worst is you see in the app that the SSIDs used previously have been stored – just not the passwords nor any intent to use this data. I own the earlier version, and the reason I was willing to pay more was the ease of mind and simplicity. This is very annoying, as links don’t even redirect to the same product on other websites (in France they redirect to the top page of Also, while on the back of the scale you’ll notice two things you can poke at (besides the springs on the battery compartment). No, athlete mode is disabled on my Nokia/Withings Body+.  And to compliment that, here’s The Girl’s (my wife’s) list. Does it track bone density as we progress beyond middle-age? I rigged a contact sensor to tell me when the garrge door opens and closes and Alexa announces that transition. You’ll notice above it shows +0.2 above my name, this means I gained +0.2lbs since the last weigh-in. Setting Up Your Device. I like the Fitbit as it consistently said I had 5.2% body fat (five point two) – maybe it was visceral fat? Few days ago, a listing at FCC has formally confirmed the name of upcoming scale, Garmin Index S2. I would like to support DCR and enjoy ad-free DC Rainmaker ($20 per year). Ray, did you test the scale with multiple users syncing to Garmin. I’ve followed you for several years now and never knew The Girl’s name. The weight measurements were identical, however the body fat/bonemass/body water measurements were slightly different (about .3% difference). Which is fine, it doesn’t have to be major upgrades each time. The BF% has been completely worthless on mine. All my other Garmin devices (Fenix 6 and Edge 1030) sync with Bluetooth. “Still, I was hoping for a bit better 3rd party support here – albeit that’s not entirely Garmin’s fault.” And while the goal isn’t realistically to try and have 1:1 replacement of fluids during a workout (especially running), you can at least use the information to guide your hydration choices. The saving of multiple data points per day certainly isn’t new in the Garmin Index scale world, it’s been doing that for quite a while with the older scale, but it wouldn’t show the change in weight. 😉. Yup, presentation will be up on YouTube next week. Ie they must have a Garmin Connect account themselves. Great, I am looking forward to it! Got a replacement from Garmin, but same behavior. I’m not sure about CVS, but you can add data manually, bus as I can see, only weight, not the advanced metrics. At this juncture you can step off the scale, it’s done its thing, and will flash the initials/name of who it thinks you are, based on your weight and the historical weight data it has. Regardless of the use case, you need to do this, Whilst the Index S2 is aimed at the Garmin Connect Mobile user there are Luddites, like me, who still prefer the web interface. My S1 is widely inaccurate for muscle mass and body fat % (i measure the later with a medical caliper, way more accurate). TBH I almost bought one instead of the garmin. If I move the scale somewhere else, the process to change the WiFi network connection is anything but user-friendly. “Pleasantly OK” probably best sums it up. – Tweaked some algorithms related to body fat & other impedance-based measurements (based on increased sensitivity of sensors) Unless by some strange miracle I have been able to hold 7% body fat for 19 straight months. In any event, after it’s done showing you that trendline, it’ll iterate through the following metrics: Body Mass Index (BMI), Body Fat Percentage, Body Water Percentage, Skeletal Muscle Mass, Bone Mass, and Weather. Hi Pavel, yes that was the point I was making, indirectly, too much guesswork involved! Plus will this also update the weight I´ve entered in the setup to calculate e.g. The Ambient is reader-powered. Garmin does not produce 3rd party validation of their measurements. Yep, I have the same issue with my 1st gen Index scale. Need to know………Do I need to know this info? With the Garmin Index Smart Scale you can register your weight, body fat, muscle mass, etc., and automatically synchronize it to the Garmin Connect app via your WiFi connection. In my case, simply stepping on the Index S2 does nothing. My wife is a bit higher, in the 16% range, and measure 25-26%. No, at least not in iOS. If the scale cannot connect to the garmin ntp server it will not sync data. However, it makes sense because those scales are using some tables to look up your body fat based on resistance reading coming from scale. The original model had (has?) Below are the most popular. “I’ve always found it kinda funny that for a digital scale that shows a gazillion metrics based on information in your account, that it relies upon a physical switch to change the way weight is shown.” I have a Withings Smart Body Analyzer. Like you, I never found a fix for it either. Believe me Ray, in the future there will come a day when your mile times become your Kilometre times. The colour screen actually is the biggest draw for me even though it will make very little difference 🙂. There was an app I used before buying the Index, with which I could do that. Thank you for the review – I do have a question: “How would this type of scale help me lose weight vs a $30 digital scale?” Let start by saying that I am 51 – 5’ 8” and 220 pounds and have been cycling since the 80s. Tip: Your Garmin Connect account can be a dormant one that you only use for the purpose of sending the data somewhere else. BMI is a standard calculation based on your weight and height. The bio impedance is a fraude. 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The old one could just use 2.4 GHz. Yep. You should check out my videos. Technically the links would all have worked, the data would have flowed and even if it wasn’t accurate it would give good trends to spot warning signs but all I would see would be a decline in the bone mass and not the bone density per se…maybe they are effectively the same thing? I have not checked the terms and conditions recently but historically you were never meant to upload data that was not from a Garmin device. For example if you have relatively skinny legs and most of your fat is stored in your upper body, home scales might be under reporting your body fat. 🙂. A connected scale that has all the data in the world, somehow doesn’t pull the data in from arguably Garmin’s best customers (the ones who are buying yet another scale from the company). So, off to dig myself deeper into the Garmin ecosystem. If so what would be a good alternative? One of them rotates between pounds, stone, and kg. The original Garmin Index?
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