Fishing Bat & Batting Fish. Young males generally go after porcupines more often than other lions. “It’s David and Goliath on the African savanna. He noted old males rarely are wounded by porcupine quills, but “on the other hand, quite a percentage of young and those in the prime of life do, and are discovered to be thus practically incapacitated,” he wrote. They are similar in appearance to, and only slightly larger than, their close relatives, the crested porcupines, and can most easily be distinguished from them by the presence of a band of short white s… True False Filmed at the Kruger National Park in South Africa 16 July 2014 by Henry Landman. Listen to the sounds of the PORCUPINE defending itself vs a LION. Asia’s Last Lions. Animal Mothers: Cheetah vs. Gemsbok. In many of these cases, the lions’ injuries made it harder for them to hunt or eat. ), These young males are often those that have been recently kicked out of their prides by their parents and have just begun to learn how to hunt by themselves. 1. And the study has broader ecological significance, too. See All National Geographic Videos video.nationalgeographic**** ... Porcupine Vs. Lion-Porcupine Interactions in Africa, Including Impacts on Lion Predatory Behavior. Picnic at the Pond. Answers to Porcupine vs Lion – exercises Preparation 1. b 2. d 3. a 4. f 5. c 6. h 7. e 8. g 1. DanielAcku4198769. Lion v porcupine. LIONS DISTURB PORCUPINE. True 5. “Porcupine injuries are an anticipator of attacks on humans, there’s a potential impact on human beings,” he says. “It appears to be very exceptional however, for females to commit this imprudence.”. “The adults steered clear, though some of the subadults moved cautiously forward and tapped at it with their paws—and quickly learned that tapping at the quills was a bad idea.”. “It’s hard to be a young animal that’s no longer being fed by its parents,” says Laurence Frank, a lion expert with the Museum of Vertebrate Zoology at the University of California, Berkeley. Lions can bring down wildebeests and giraffes, but when they try to hunt porcupines, the spiky rodents often come out on top. “Even though lions are at the top of the food chain, they get injured if they don’t watch what they’re doing.”. “There was a tendency for males to be more often wounded or killed by porcupines—sort of a ‘young foolish male syndrome,’” says Kerbis Peterhans. False 6. These quills, which can be a foot long or more, can detach and get stuck in the flesh of predators careless or desperate enough to attack the porcupines. The scans showed evidence of bone infections that would have impaired both of these lions’ ability to eat (or, in the case of the lion with a quill through its nose, to smell its prey)—factors that could have contributed to man-eating. Craig Packer, a researcher at the University of Minnesota, has seen porcupines wield their quills in an aggressive manner. Lion cubs eager for a meal find themselves in a prickly situation. Historic records tell us that when environmental conditions deteriorate, particularly in areas where lions and their preferred prey are already living on the edge, they find themselves in serious trouble with nearby humans or their livestock.”, “One moral of the story is that there no free lunch,” says Celesia. Planetapes. HTML-code: Bluefin Tuna Eat Bait Ball. Asia’s Last Lions. There are stories and records of lions getting injured by porcupines going back hundreds of years—in June, July, and August of 1656,an official from the Dutch East Company in Cape Town wrote in his diary about three different lions that had been stuck with porcupine quills. “There are treasures still to be found, but going back in the written record four centuries, well, that takes some patience and time.”. The team examined another lion shot that year that also had killed at least one person. 3:31. 5. But their backs are covered in sharp quills made of keratin, the same material as hair and fingernails.
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