danjchristensen@gmail.com Cross-examination should be an ambush. Cross-examination is an art form only occasionally practiced by prosecutors, who instead necessarily focus much of their efforts on direct examination. It is probably inappropriate to show that the doctor received an award for her fundraising efforts with a charitable organization. ... 17 Q. The reason I am showing you this is because it is an example of what I would call a “soft cross examination” of a defense expert on a collateral attack. Keep them in check with well-planned and expertly executed cross-examinations. of cross-examination — conclude the witness Cross-examination serves to discredit direct testimony, to discredit the witness, and to reflect on the credibility of other witnesses. • You have not received any formal training in (state type of … 61 For example, if your witness is a doctor, it is appropriate to show that the doctor is a member of a prominent medical organization to help establish credibility. central issue(s) in the case. CROSS EXAM OF EXPERTS (Sample Questions) Challenge Credentials: • You do not have a degree from an accredited university? In deposition, cross-examine the witness to summarize and lock in her testimony before trial.' Cross Examination of Psychological and Psychiatric Experts in Competency Cases David W. Thompson, Ph.D., ABPP Clinical Psychology Associates Burlington, Wisconsin This cross-examination technique, known as the collateral attack, can be one of the most effective methods to discredit the expert. It goes §9:73 Cross-Examination Is a Guerilla Attack, Not an Extended Battle Sample cross examination of doctor. by "Trial"; Law Cross examination Laws, regulations and rules Cross-examination … The longer you keep the defense doctor on the stand, the greater his opportunity to advocate the defense position. Dan Christensen . cross-examination. A Sample Cross Examination [Note: This is an excerpt from a larger cross that occurred during a motion to suppress evidence. DIRECT EXAM OF TREATING DOCTOR . This is brought on by the prosecution bearing the burden of proof and the simple realities of many criminal Free Online Library: Cross-examining the defendant doctor: jurors have been conditioned to suspect your clients' medical negligence claims, and defendants will take every opportunity to encourage these suspicions in court. Austin, Texas 78731 (512) 346-5688 . In this excerpt, there are two points that I’m trying to establish: 1) that the police did not have probable cause to enter Janet Smith’s apartment, and 2) that Smith’s consent was not voluntary. The shorter cross-examination is, the better the cross-examination. Sample Cross-Examination of Sexual Assault Victim Part 1; This transcript is a second pre-trial hearing involving the same case of alleged child sexual abuse. At its core, exposing bias through the use of the collateral attack is one of the greatest and most time-tested techniques available to counsel. It contains direct and cross examination of the same alleged victim a month and a half after the first hearing. is credible, with the groundwork having been laid on direct exam. 3410 Far West Blvd., Ste 235 . The Carlson Law Firm, PC . The point is to demonstrate his bias and lack of knowledge about the patient without drawing obvious conclusions, but leaving that to the jury.
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