If a holdback is not negotiated into the contract of purchase and sale or building contract, the builder has no obligation to allow a holdback and typically will not consent to such a holdback later. In recent years, pre-purchase property inspections have become more common in the marketplace. It does not apply to the release of funds from trust for any other reason or to any other party. Another type of ownership, which fits between cooperative and strata on leased land, is the rental lease, where the cooperative building sits on leased land. As with all real estate transactions, licensees must be careful in conducting transactions involving strata properties located in market areas that are unfamiliar to them. Effective March 1, 2009, providing a property inspection for a fee became an activity for which a licence is required. All monies paid pursuant to this section (Deposit) will be delivered in trust to the Seller’s lawyer, Joe Smith. The Seller discloses that the (select either building or property) was tested for (describe condition) , on (date) by (name of testing contractor or government authority) . Section 5-13 of the Rules also provides that if the client instructs the licensee not to disclose the material latent defect, the licensee must refuse to provide further trading services to the client in respect of the trade in real estate. Tenant Occupied Properties. A typical example of such an offering is the marketing of strata lots in a hotel or resort in which there is an agreement that the strata lots will be rented out by a manager. The following clause may be used by a buyer’s licensee to protect the buyer’s interests when appliances are included in the purchase: The Seller warrants that the appliances included in the purchase of this property will be in proper working order as of the Possession Date. Where a strata corporation has passed a special levy and the amount collected exceeds the amount required, the Strata Property Act requires that the strata corporation return the excess funds to the owners. This clause is for the benefit of the Seller and the Buyer. The Seller will take back a second mortgage, in a form acceptable to the Seller (which form will be provided by the Seller on or before (date), and approved by the Buyer on or before (date), in the amount of (amount) at an interest rate of __ % per annum, calculated (select either half-yearly or monthly), not in advance, with a ___-year amortization period, ___ -year term and repayable in blended payments of $ (payment) per month, including principal and interest (plus 1/12 of the annual taxes if required by the Seller, if not already being collected by the first mortgagee). There were no further problems up to the time the buyers took possession, and shortly thereafter, the termites appeared again. The judge held that the sellers were not at fault because the question and others that start ‘‘Are you aware’’ is in the present tense and did not refer to past infestations. A negative answer does not mean that there has not been a problem in the past or that a past problem will not recur. This condition is for the sole benefit of the Seller. This includes the duty to act in the best interests of the client and in accordance with the client’s lawful instructions, and to advise the client to seek independent professional advice on matters outside of your expertise. As not all consumers may be aware that the intent of this wording means that interest is paid to the Real Estate Foundation, licensees should ensure that they familiarize themselves with their brokerage’s policy with respect to interest on trust deposits. Many buyers do not know the proper questions to ask of the sellers or the buyer’s agent to make an informed decision to purchase a rural property. In preparing an offer where the assignment of the contract of purchase and sale is contemplated, you should not use clauses such as ‘‘and/or nominee’’ or ‘‘and/or assignee’’ to describe the buyer. The request for consent to assign and request for consent to sublet forms are available in Residential Tenancy Offices and on the RTO website  — will open in a new tab. Inspections of existing onsite wastewater treatment systems can be challenging and time-consuming, as they may be buried beneath mature landscaping, making the system in some cases difficult to locate and assess, as well as to perform any necessary maintenance and repairs. If the system requires upgrading, all regulatory filing provisions apply, including plans, specifications and a site evaluation with report. How the 48 hour clause works You should document having provided this advice. The Seller will allow access to the property for this purpose on reasonable notice. The Buyer will assume all payments, obligations and covenants of the existing lease covering the business premises. Licensees should discuss the progress of construction with the builder before inserting the Completion Date in the Contract of Purchase and Sale in order to allow enough time to completely finish the house. Sellers should be encouraged to obtain a site profile at the time the property is sold in order to prevent a buyer from later claiming that the property was contaminated. To demonstrate, assume that the seller and buyer have agreed that a deposit of $1,000 is to be held by the seller’s lawyer Joe Smith. is the agency responsible for property inspector licensing. (1) Wood Burning Stoves/Fireplace Inserts. The buyer does not have to pay the seller any additional money if they make money from selling the contract. The Disclosure of Interest in Trade Form is not required to be submitted to RECBC; however, a copy must be retained by the brokerage. Real estate contracts are assignable under the law unless the contract expressly forbids it. Accordingly, licensees involved in the sale or purchase of a shared interest in land by or from a developer should familiarize themselves with the content of and the requirements associated with the Disclosure Statement. While they are not common, they are often used in conjunction with a 'Subject to sale clause'. It is advisable for the licensee to provide, on the contract, a deadline by which the seller will provide the appropriate PDS and a slightly later deadline by which the buyer will approve or reject it. As outlined previously, licensees should obtain the minutes of the strata corporation’s last Annual General Meeting, and any strata council meetings held in the interim, and deliver them to the buyers along with the amended bylaws. It is, therefore, strongly recommended, in a situation where the seller is asked to carry any financing, that the seller’s lawyer and the buyer’s lawyer be consulted before the acceptance of any offer. The following clauses are designed to assist licensees in obtaining important financial and other information from the seller: If the financial statements are not available, a licensee should advise the buyer to obtain professional advice from an accountant. If the system is to be inspected, a clause such as the following should be included in the Contract of Purchase and Sale: Subject to the Buyer, at the Buyer’s expense, receiving, reviewing and being satisfied with a report from an appropriate authorized person (as defined in the British Columbia Sewerage System Regulation (‘‘Regulation’’)) concerning the operational function and condition of the components of the wastewater treatment system on the property (‘‘System’’), and compliance of the System with the Regulation on or before (date) . Application for insurance coverage must be made and notice given to the insurer that the dwelling contains a wood burning device. If a licensee is going to hold or receive a deposit which the parties have agreed will be delivered to and held by someone other than that licensee’s related brokerage, a separate written agreement must be obtained. Under some home warranty programs, current or subsequent owners may be impacted by exclusions from warranty coverage that are permitted by the Homeowner Protection Act and thus could void warranty insurance. For new single-family construction, a buyer is not entitled to retain a holdback under the Builders Lien Act unless the contract of purchase and sale or building contract specifically allows for it. (b) the Contract of Purchase and Sale may provide for a small initial deposit payable within a specified period of time after the acceptance of an offer, which is to be increased to a specified amount upon removal of conditions precedent. The exclusion reads as follows: “This indemnity plan does not apply to: 9. a claim relating to or arising from providing real estate services in a transaction where the Insured or the Insured’s spouse, or a firm or corporation more than 10% owned separately or in combination by the Insured and the Insured’s spouse, has or may acquire an ownership interest;”. The Real Estate Development Marketing Act defines a cooperative association as. Subject to the Buyer receiving, perusing and being satisfied with: Subject to the Buyer receiving and approving the list of assets on or before (date) . The chimney must meet current municipal building code and/or insurer’s specifications. The Real Estate Development Marketing Act requires that if the developer becomes aware that the Disclosure Statement contains a misrepresentation, the developer must file either a new Disclosure Statement or an amendment to the Disclosure Statement and provide copies to new purchasers and to those who have entered into a purchase agreement but who have not yet received title or the interest for which the purchaser has contracted. The Seller will allow access to the property for this purpose on reasonable notice. Regardless of who is acting as the stakeholder, the following clause should be used to clarify the obligations of that stakeholder: The deposit will be held in trust by (name of third party, e.g., conveyancer/notary/builder) as a stakeholder pursuant to the provisions of the Real Estate Services Act pending the completion of the transaction. The agreement may include a rental guarantee or revenue or expense pooling, or it may simply be a mandatory requirement that the strata lot be provided to the manager for rental as part of the overall development. Terms such as ‘‘banking days’’, ‘‘working days’’, ‘‘business days’’, etc., should be avoided. If no builders lien holdback is provided for, the buyer will still be obligated to close on their purchase. A leasehold unit is a unit in a residential leasehold complex which is defined as containing one or more buildings capable of being used for leasehold residential purposes other than buildings comprised of strata lots, cooperative interests or shared interests in land. NOTE: The clauses in this section may be used for a wide variety of situations involving possible latent defects. In the case of unproven water supply from either an existing or a new source, the buyer will be concerned not only with quality but also with quantity. As licensees are aware, the wording in the Contract of Purchase and Sale states ‘‘Deposits to be held in trust in accordance with the provisions of the Real Estate Services Act’’. NOTE: Licensees are advised that the timing requirements for builders lien holdbacks is a complex area of law and they are well advised to have their clients seek legal advice in situations involving new or recent construction. For this reason, a buyer’s agent should always advise a buyer to have an independent inspection of a property and the licensee should explain the importance of why such an inspection is necessary and that licensees are typically not qualified to provide home inspection advice. Excerpt from Trading Services | Section 9. This condition is for the sole benefit of the Seller/Buyer. The Parties will, immediately after completion of the walk-through inspection, complete a deficiency list of mutually agreed upon items that are to be remedied by the Seller (the “Deficiency List”). To ensure that sellers will not be held liable by buyers for the strata corporation’s failure to comply with the legislation and will not be liable to produce documentation that does not exist, listing licensees should insure that any subject clauses requiring the production of documents (other than the request for insurance documents which is discussed below) are deleted. Sometimes the buyer may want protection against paying any portion of a special levy due after the completion date. Licensees should recommend a subject removal date that allows enough time for the strata corporation or strata manager to receive and respond to a request and for buyers to review the records provided by the strata corporation. Licensees involved in the purchase and sale of real estate offerings, where the purchaser must rely on the promoter for an investment return, should familiarize themselves with these requirements. If the seller has a copy of the sublease, the buyer’s agent should obtain a copy and advise the buyer to read the sublease, or obtain legal advice, to ensure that the sublease can be assigned to the buyer. Subject To Clause in Real Estate. This condition is for the benefit of both the Buyer and the Seller. The belief may have developed because when the current Builders Lien Act was introduced in 1997, it included provisions allowing buyers of newly constructed homes to retain a holdback. This could arise where the electrical service is less than 100 amps, or the roof is old (perhaps 25 years or older), or where the home contains galvanized plumbing, old wiring, or a wood stove that has not passed inspection. It may even be that the permission to use the parking stall/storage locker was originally given by the developer during the time the developer was acting as the strata council. Accordingly, most, if not all, aspects of the law governing landlord and tenant relationships will apply and licensees should be aware of their duties and responsibilities, which apply to all lease transactions. This subject clause is for the sole benefit of the Buyer. The Seller warrants that the information contained therein is true and correct to the best of the Seller’s knowledge. Licensees are encouraged to use the Receipt of Strata Corporation Documentation Form, which can be downloaded from RECBC’s Forms web page, when providing copies of documents to interested buyers or their agents. These requirements apply in all transactions where a licensee is acting for the seller and/or the prospective buyer of real estate (except where the contract is for the sale of a development unit by a developer, as those terms are defined in section 1 of the Real Estate Development Marketing Act  — will open in a new tab). In some cases, the offering of a real estate development unit may constitute the offering of an investment contract, which is a security within the meaning of the Securities Act. Agents need to be especially careful not to prejudice the second party by giving the first buyer a hint that a second offer might be on the way. Such homes may no longer be offered for sale or sold ‘‘as is.’’ Owners must write to the Licensing and Consumer Services branch of BC Housing for the registrar’s express permission, and may be subject to conditions, such as that the home is sold to a licensed residential builder to enrol with home warranty insurance. A sale that is “subject to finance” can fail In BC, many homes outside major urban areas don’t have access to a public sewer system. A due-on-sale clause prevents a homeowner from selling subject to an existing loan. Under some home warranty programs, current or subsequent owners may be impacted by exclusions from warranty coverage that are permitted by the Homeowner Protection Act and thus could void warranty insurance. In terms of property sales, a common clause that is included in many agreements is that the sale of the property is subject to the sale of another property. * Fill in the same number of hours as in preceding clause. No further action is required by the buyer to ensure that the buyer will have the use of the parking stall/storage locker. Since most charges on title are complex legal documents, it is prudent practice to have Contracts of Purchase and Sale conditional upon the buyer obtaining satisfactory independent advice as to the charges registered against title. 3. Subject to the franchisor’s written approval of the assignment of the franchise on or before (date) . 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Strata Title Properties Clause, Disclosure of Material Latent Defect Clause, Growth or Manufacture of Illegal Substances Clause (for use with non-strata properties), Growth or Manufacture of Illegal Substances Clause (for use with strata lots), No Growth or Manufacture of Illegal Substances Clause (for use with non-strata properties), No Growth or Manufacture of Illegal Substances Clause (for use with strata lots), Possible Safety, Health or Environmental Condition Clause, Property Disclosure Statement — Strata Title Properties Clause, Seller's Disclosure Where Condition Has Been Tested Clause, Seller's Disclosure Where Condition Has Been Removed Clause, Seller's Disclosure but Corrective Measures Taken Clause, Seller's Disclosure but Condition at Acceptable Level Clause, UFFI and Asbestos Insulation Disclosure Clause, Agreement for Sale (With No Underlying Mortgage Which Allows Resale) Clause, Agreement for Sale (With Underlying Mortgage) Clause, Financial Obligations Exceed Sale Price Clause, Lawyer's Approval of Financing Terms Clause, Open (Prepayment in Part) Mortgage Clause, Open (Prepayment in Full) Mortgage Clause, Optional Assumption of Portion of Mortgage Clause, Refinancing with Existing Mortgagee Clause, Seller to Take Back First Mortgage Clause, Seller to Take Back Second Mortgage Clause, Seller to Pay Discount to Buy-Down Rate for Buyer Clause, Subject to Franchisor Approving Assignment of Franchise Clause, Subject to Buyer Approving Franchise Agreement Clause, Purchase Price to Include/Not Include GST Clause, Receipt of Information or Professional Advice by Buyer/Seller Concerning GST Liability Clause, Licensed Builder and Warranty Insurance Clauses (Option I), Licensed Builder and Warranty Insurance Clauses (Option II), Receipt of Home Warranty Insurance Documents Clause, Receipt of Owner-Builder Disclosure Notice Clause, Inspection/Testing/Government Approval Clause, Wood Burner Insurance Confirmation Clause, Approval by Seller's/Buyer's Lawyer Clause, Properties Containing Unauthorized Accommodation Clause, Buyer's Approval of Rules and Regulations of Manufactured Home Park Clause (Option I), Buyer's Approval of Rules and Regulations of Manufactured Home Park Clause (Option II), Buyer's Permission to Register a Security Interest in a Manufactured Home Clause, Seller's Permission to Sublet a Pad for a Manufactured Home Clause, Friend/Relative Approval (for Buyer or Seller) Clause, Seller Taking Buyer's Property in Trade Clause, Licensed Builder and Warranty Insurance Clauses, Mandatory Warranty Insurance Coverage Clause, Walk-Through Inspection Deficiency List Clause, Assessing Property for Wastewater Treatment System Clause, Seller Sewage System Representation and Warranty, Wastewater Treatment System Does Not Meet Standards Clause, Buyer's Approval of Property Disclosure Statement—Strata Title Properties Clause, Nature of the Parking Stall(s)/Storage Locker Needs To Be Verified Clause, Notification of Changes in Bylaws or Rules Clause, Properties without a Strata Council Clause, Recovery of Proceeds Payable to Strata Corporation Clause, Seller Agrees to Hold Back to Pay for Special Levy Approved Before Completion Clause, Seller and Buyer Negotiate the Portion of the Special Levy Due after Completion that the Seller Will Pay Clause, Seller Agrees to Hold Back a Portion of the Purchase Price Where There is the Possibility of a Special Levy Being Assessed in the Near Future Clause, Strata Plan Not Registered at the Time Contract Signed Clause, Strata Documentation to Be Provided Clause, Confirmation of the Sale of Buyer's Property Clause, Sale of the Buyer's Property, with Time Clause, Subject to Seller Purchasing Residence Clause, Buyer's Approval of Title and Title Search to Be Incorporated into Contract Clause, this contract must not be assigned without the written consent of the seller; and. records of past maintenance done on the system. Although the sale of a business that includes real property is governed by RESA, neither RESA, the Regulations nor the Rules stipulate what documents must be provided by the seller. Most requests for information about a specific site can be answered within four to five days. (6) Sale Price Insufficient To Cover Financial Encumbrances. The goal is to ensure the buyer has full knowledge of the results of the inspection and, if necessary, clarification from the inspector or any other qualified person as required. Time clauses should be inserted for the protection of the seller when an offer is written or received containing a subject to the sale of clause. Strata Sales. Is the well report current? Common property: the lesser of $100,000 X the number of dwelling units in the building or $2.5 million per building. The possibility exists that changes may be made in a strata corporation’s bylaws between the date of acceptance of an offer and the completion date, particularly following annual general meetings or extraordinary meetings. In most cases, the term expiry date of the agreement for sale will correspond with the underlying mortgage. Both mediation processes are performed independently of BC Housing, Licensing and Consumer Services. Excerpt from Trading Services | Section 8. Where the seller is buying down a new first mortgage arranged by the buyer, it is recommended that the buy down clause follow the subject to first mortgage clause. This colloquially termed ‘48 hour clause’ provides the original buyer two business days to obtain an offer on their property or waive the benefit of the subject to sale condition. Before preparing a back-up offer, the licensee should consult with the buyer as to what will happen if the buyer finds a more suitable property. With respect to the Contract of Purchase and Sale dated(Contract) in respect of the Property, the Seller and Buyer agree that(Licensee), is not required to deliver monies received from the Buyer or Seller pursuant to the Contract to the Brokerage pursuant to section 27(1) of the Real Estate Services Act nor is the Brokerage required to deposit those monies in its brokerage trust account pursuant to section 27(2) of the Real Estate Services Act. A time share plan does not require that the persons acquire an ownership interest in the land that is the subject of the plan. Say you make a subject to sale offer for a certain property. Some of the operational requirements are that every strata corporation must have bylaws, it must hold annual general meetings and keep minutes of the meetings, it must retain records relating to the strata corporation, the owners must approve a budget annually and the strata corporation must maintain operating and contingency reserve funds. Further, licensees should have a discussion with their clients with respect to this policy and, where a client requests that the deposit is to be placed in an interest bearing trust account, the following clause should be added to the Contract of Purchase and Sale.
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