Housed in a chassis similar to - but slightly taller than - Circuit, Mono Station’s interface is roughly divided in half, with the upper section housing the synth controls and the lower portion controlling the sequencer. You’ll soon be wondering why anyone thought FM was difficult to use or old-fashioned sounding. A great FM synth that comes with some new twists, Launch price: $759/£699/€779 | Synth engine: FM digital | Polyphony: 8 voices | Keyboard: None | Sequencer: Four synth tracks and four MIDI tracks | Effects: Chorus, delay, reverb, overdrive | MIDI I/O: In/Out/Thru | Connectivity: Two 1/4-inch balanced audio outs, two 1/4-inch audio ins, headphones, USB | Power: Power adapter. Filter-wise, the MiniBrute 2 keeps the Steiner-Parker-style filter of its predecessor, which offers -12dB low- and high-pass modes, plus -6dB band-pass and notch filtering. Read full review: Dave Smith Instruments Prophet X, A pad-based sequencer meets an analogue synth engine, Launch price: $499/£479/€539 | Synth engine: Analogue | Polyphony: Paraphonic | Keyboard: 32 RGB-backlit velocity-sensitive button grid | Sequencer: Yes | Effects: Distortion (three types) | MIDI I/O: In/Out/Thru | Connectivity: Headphones. A great fun, innovative and affordable digital synth, Launch price: $349/£279/€299 | Synth engine: Digital | Polyphony: 4 voice paraphonic | Keyboard: 25-key capacitive keyboard | Sequencer: Yes | Effects: None | MIDI I/O: In/Out | Connectivity: Mono 1/4-inch output for audio, headphone output; 3.5mm CV/Gate/Pressure outputs, and 3.5mm MIDI I/O | Power: USB-powered, AC adapter. Let's not forget FM synthesis, which has also made something of a comeback, with its familiar crystalline, '80s-style sounds all over the radio right now. Synthesizer with keyboard or key-like controls. It's a great choice of design as it's very familiar to most people and flows very nicely. On the whole, the MiniBrute 2 is a real success. Of course, you can use the Digitone as a simple sound module triggered from a MIDI controller, DAW or the onboard 16-step buttons to play simple old-skool FM impersonations, but it’s once the sequencer, modulators and filters are employed (and the excellent effects overlayed or ‘P-locked') that the Digitone shows its true and superb colours. Throw in wavetable and sample import options, plus FM, 24-note polyphony, split/layering facilities and aftertouch support, and Sledge starts to look like a great buy. This is the new Nexus. The Cherry Audio CA2600 Synthesizer is a powerful, self-contained duophonic synthesizer inspired by the groundbreaking ARP 2600 synthesizer. Read full review: Novation Circuit Mono Station, A seriously competitive semi-modular monosynth. Peak has a lot in the way of sonic shaping options, a unique and huge tone palette that’s suitable for all styles of electronica, and plenty of hands-on control. Future Publishing Limited Quay House, The Ambury, More . Und er wurde … Free . With Grandmother, the legendary synthesizer manufacturer Moog is returning to its roots. Grandmother is composed of two VCOs,... €891.93 * Unlike some of its previous products, this is not a cut-price clone, and delivers its own take on what a £1,000 analogue polyphonic synth should be. * All prices incl. The Continuum Fingerboard is a MIDI performance instrument with an innovative, three-dimensional control surface. MicroFreak should be top of your ‘must try’ list. Completing the signal path are voltage-controlled amplifiers. Like the Waldorf Quantum, the price is high but similarly the X is using the latest technology in a really musical/elegant way, while simultaneously pushing you into new sonic approaches/territories.
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