So I washed the deck and this year, it’s worse. Evergrain composite decking is manufactured by Epoch Composite Products in Lamar, MO. Our deck is only 2 years old. If/when you are declined when you submit your claim, make sure you inquire as to the reason and ask to see the report they based their decision on- in our case we were able to stay on top of the details and work towards an acceptable solution. We installed the Trex decking on a front, elevated, screened in porch approx.. 10 x 48 ft. HELPFUL51 people found this review helpful, Dawn of Longmont, CO Verified ReviewerOriginal review: Oct. 25, 2015, I had my deck built in 1997. All Rights Reserved. When our Decking expert installed it, It was only two months when the boards shrunk, twisted and destroyed many of the Trex screws we purchased with the product. HELPFUL43 people found this review helpful, Carol of Troy, NYOriginal review: May 24, 2016. I don’t have paperwork, receipts, or any of the so called evidence that Trex demands so it’s a waste of time and effort to try and file a claim regarding the class action suit against them. It may then be flat and non-disintegrating, but it will look like crap and devalue the house. Comments (3) Sorry if it wasnt the exact answer you were looking for. The more info I researched, the more shocking it was. Thanks. I was very excited to have my old rotting deck replaced with Trex composite decking. The deck looks great, my only complaint is I have doggy paw prints all over the deck and I can’t get them off. A few weeks ago when the company delivered the Trex boards, there were quite a few dark boards in comparison to the grey that she and her husband had picked out. Please do not install this crap on your deck…. The only problem I’ve had is it’s slippery when it gets frost on it. Trex customer service has not been helpful at all. Top 52 Complaints and Reviews about Trex Composite Decking One fifth of the steps are crumbling like sawdust (Not every step and some of the .. We require contact information to ensure our reviewers are real. In this day and age, that's something to consider. )” He said he can’t help me and to have a Lowe’s manager take a look at the damage. Get-Prices. I had to replace 3 of my steps due to it. I called the manufacturer and he wanted me to check on the boards for the number/code and told him “I can’t check every board for a white sticker with a number” and told him “I have the receipt which shows Lowe’s delivered the material (over $5,000. It has been disintegrating as others have described, but I figured that was normal after 11 years. Trex support handled our situation in a very professional manner. The flaking Trex underneath the paint continues to deteriorate causing the paint to lift off in big chips. Apparently my sis and her husband DID NOT do their research! By the beginning of May in Northern CA it’s really difficult to walk on it in your bare feet on. I am planning a deck and talked with her contractor about giving me an estimate...he is not connected to Trex and builds what You want. Do note in the Trex video they heat the decking to around 225 degrees for bending, but they are bending it to lay the decking flat. It DID look good. It was sold as maintenance free and a lifetime materials warranty. I was told to use dish soap and scrub them and then rinse off. I had looked forward to a maintenance free deck. But who would put themselves this through. Do not go near this stuff at any price. We are very happy with Trex and had planned to replace our large open pressure treated back deck with Trex. Some of the prominent players in wooden decking market are Sundek Interio, United Construction Products, AZEK Building Products, Metsa Wood, Humboldt Redwood Company, DuraLife, Kebony, Universal Forest Products, Deck Solutions, Koppers, Trex Company, Alfresco Floors, Thermory AS, etc. Greg of Ramona, CA Verified ReviewerResolution response: May 17, 2017, I found that the material is made by Tamko, not Trex, Trex did reply to me after I learned the builder did not use Trex. Their decking is compression molded to provide a realistic wood . I have talked with Sliters in Bigfork, MT where we bought it. I would advise specific instructions BOLDLY written for an order. Any ideas on how to get them to reconsider my claim with "proper documentation"? We have just had our deck finished with gravel path for the outside of the deck called picture frame, and saddle for the spine and middle of deck.
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