Filled with renewed confidence, he yells out the start of the Lion Guard's catchphrase, which is completed by his team as they rush into the pit. In the chaos, the hyenas are knocked into the pool, where they're chased in circles by the crocodile float. Fuli rushes to calm Kion down, saying that Bunga was fooling around, while Beshte adds that Bunga is just being Bunga. Unbeknownst to the team, they are being watched by a porcupine, who reports the incidents to a binturong named Mama Binturong. Not far away, Binga beats Bunga in a stink competition. As Kion steps forward menacingly, Kovu begins to back away slowly and ducks down just in time to avoid the Roar. When they arrive, they are greeted by flying squirrels, including one named Tafu, whom Bunga catches out of midair. He then states that Ono must serve as his tickbird from now on, and Ono takes off after Mwenzi, leaving Kifaru in the care of the Lion Guard. Goigoi approaches with berry stripes painted on his fur, but is soon noticed by the Lion Guard. The rest of Kion's Lion Guard agrees to protect the Tree of Life alongside Kion. Unbeknownst to the Lion Guard, Makuu and his float slumber underground and are awakened by the loud disturbance of the stampede. Ono scours the Outlands from above, but finds no traces of Beshte. The Lost Gorillas Add a photo to this gallery. As the elephants recover from the bees, Mtoto notices that his mother is missing, and Ono spots her running along the top of Mapango Cliffs, where the soil is dry and could collapse at any moment. The three then apologize to one another, and Rafiki laughs at the absurdity of the situation. While Bunga, Fuli, and Ono set out to clear the grove of animals, Beshte and Kion confront Makuu. The Lion Guard then journeys across Kion's path through the waves, with Ora and his minions in hot pursuit. In the middle of Bunga's feast, Ono flies in and informs the team that a tree in Mekundu Cliffs is about to collapse with a colony of bats inside. Eventually, Bunga reaches the tree where the Utamu are, and he attempts to climb it in order to fetch some Utamu for his uncles, but the branch breaks, and the Utamu fall into the river below. He then strikes the rock at the Tree of Life's entrance with lightning, destroying it and freeing the Night Pride. After pretending to know where Flat Ridge Rock is, Bunga struggles to lead his team in the right direction. As Bunga flees the scene, Mama Binturong vows revenge. Kion resolves to find help, while the rest of the Lion Guard stays behind to combat the fire. The Lion Guard heads to the Tree of Life instead and heads off Makucha, Chuluun, and Ora. However, Anga bursts out of the snow with the snow monkeys and Bunga safely in her talons. That night, Tupp appears and leads the Lion Guard to a plant with water on its leaves. While playing, the two manage to lose their baobab ball in the Outlands. Once to safety, Kion apologizes for being so mean to his teammates. The team eventually reaches a canyon, where they spot several goslings jumping off a cliff. Together, they corner Reirei and her family in the midst of the tree grove, and Kion orders them to return to the Outlands. In better spirits, Beshte comes before the Bellow Fellows and completes a series of bellows. Ma Tembo turns to Kion for help in finding a temporary home, and he resolves to help the elephants. The Lion Guard approaches Kion and declares that they are ready to return home. In doing so, he knocks the baboons from their trees, and they charge into a herd of cape buffalo, inciting a stampede. Instantly smitten, Bunga had begun following them around until Timon had instructed him to climb a tree and fetch them some Utamu grubs. Not long after, the team is attacked by mongooses. Several days later, the Lion Guard is lounging in the Lair of the Lion Guard when they notice that the den has become overrun with termites. Bunga informs the gorillas that Kion is Simba's son, and the brothers react with shock that Kion is a prince. Bunga tackles Chuluun, covering her in orange paint. The Lion Guard races alongside them until they reach the end of the falls, where Kion resolves to climb down on an overhanging tree branch and roar the zebras to safety. Later, Beshte laments Hodari's predicament to his team. On the way, Beshte rescues him from falling off a cliff. The two nearly get into a fight until Bunga breaks it up and reminds Kion that Rafiki had warned them about the venom's effects. With the scorpion gone, the Lion Guard returns to Pride Rock, where Simba has weakened severely. Venom:His venomous bite is able to paralyze any animal in seconds aspect for immunity animals like Honey badgers. Kion wonders where the next moja kwa moja stone is, and Anga explains that it is on a hill on the island. Suspicious, Kion sends Ono to investigate the situation, and Ono returns with news that the watering hole has dried up. Zira's daughter, Vitani, arrives with a strange pride of lionesses and launches into battle against the Lion Guard. With no time left to worry over Rafiki's paintings, the Lion Guard takes off. When Ushari confirms that Simba will likely be present, Scar schemes to use the mashindano as a distraction. A horrified Beshte realizes that his hippo lanes are not useful at all, for they are twisty and windy. Ono attempts to search for Beshte from above, but to no avail, and the team worries over Beshte's safety under the intense heat of the sun. That night, the Lion Guard's animal recruits gather in a canyon to practice for the celebration. This gives Beshte the idea to talk to Anga, a high-flying martial eagle. A miffed Kion reluctantly agrees to her demands, but makes her promise to stop stealing the possessions of the aardvarks. His final appearance was in Battle for the Pride Lands. However, when the five arrive at the scene, they find a little hyrax stuck in a thorn bush. A chameleon briefly appears before the team, then races away, blending in with her surroundings as she goes. Bunga and his friends are first seen racing to the rescue of an animal crying for help. However, Pumbaa appears dressed in white flowers and a gourd hat, and proclaims that he had hoped to make Timon's Christmas better by dressing up as Dandy Claws. Once there, Beshte recognizes the gazelles as being Swala's herd and the zebras as being Muhimu's herd. Later, the Lion Guard arrives at Hakuna Matata Falls, where they see animals lined up to meet Bunga, who has proclaimed himself to be a sage. Once on the island, Makini bounds off to gather tuliza for Kion. However, as he's flying over the Pride Lands, he bumps into Mwoga, a vulture, who observes the chaos of the Lion Guard down below and decides to report back to Mzingo. The Lion Guard eventually reaches another chamber, where Makini leads them to a painting. Just then, Beshte spots a chameleon, which prompts Hafifu and Majinuni to launch into a game of "chameleon hide-and-seek," in which they take off into the forest. Though Tiifu tries to assure Kiara that moisture is good for her complexion, Kiara worries that the storm will last all day. No sooner has the zebra foal been born when he emits a loud bray, which attracts the attention of Janja and his minions, Cheezi and Chungu. Kion wonders if the brothers should return home themselves and bring back the message again, but Simba points out that peace with the gorillas should not rely on Hafifu and Majinuni. Timon and Pumbaa are relieved and resolve to throw a feast in celebration of Bunga's immunity, but none of the other Lion Guard members can come, save Fuli, who has plans to hunt by herself. The team rushes to Pride Rock, where Kion tackles Makuu to the ground. The Lion Guard tracks Mwenzi's scent to a tree. Once they reach the base of the mountain range, Kion asks Hafifu and Majinuni how to reach their father, but the brothers admit that they have only come down their mountain once: to deliver Sokwe's message to Simba. While reminiscing, Makini remembers a waterfall that she'd visited with her parents. Bunga and Kion confront Janja, while Beshte pushes a boulder down for the klipspringers to use as an escape. Bunga races ahead of his friends and tackles Mjomba to the ground, effectively saving his life. Shortly afterward, Bunga spots a tunnel in the side of the sinkhole, and Simba realizes that it could lead to Nandembo Caverns. With the danger abated, the Lion Guard moves to depart, but Muhimu begs them to stay and watch over the herd. During the final confrontation between Scar's army and the Pride Landers, Ushari bites Kion, injecting him with venom and giving him a scar. Bunga expresses excitement over Kion's plan to put together a Christmas celebration for Timon and Pumbaa. While the Lion Guard works to save Lumba-Lumba, a wave washes Ora and his friends back to shore. Kion agrees, but admits that he has a bad feeling about the situation. Simba happens to be watching from a nearby ridge and realizes that his son was wise to have chosen who he chose. He also appears as the main antagonist in The Rise of Scar. However, as he is leading Kifaru, Bunga becomes so distracted by eating ticks that he fails to notice a cliff in their path. On the way out of the grazing ground, Ono spots a rock slide, and Kion yells for the herd to stay back. While en route to the Tree of Life, the Lion Guard arrives at the first landmark of their journey: a waterfall in the Back Lands. The Lion Guard is touched by his sorrow, and Kion resolves to find Mwenzi for Kifaru. The team wonders if they should travel around the mountain, but Kion insists that they climb over it to save time. He awakens, irritated, and nearly uses the Roar of the Elders. Bunga asks Beshte and Rafiki if they will race Fuli instead, but they both refuse, with Rafiki wondering who would be foolish enough to challenge the fastest in the Pride Lands to a race. He later appeared as a minor antagonist of the episode "The Scorpion's Sting", alongside the rest of the Army of Scar. However, as they're following Tamaa's instructions, Ono suddenly instructs the Lion Guard to turn back. He was voiced by Kristofer Hivju. Presently, Kion, Nala, and Ono hasten to the scene of the crime, where Kion and Nala command Makuu to share the Flood Plains with the other Pride Landers. When Fuli questions what an aardwolf is, Simba explains that aardwolves keep the termite population under control. Just then, Makini and Ono emerge from underground. Makucha attempts to take charge, but Chuluun and Ora rebel against him, each wanting to formulate the plan. Furious, Kion demands to know why his friends are acting so strangely, and Bunga reminds him that Rafiki's paintings had predicted his fall from a tree branch. Without his friends, he ventures to a volcano, where he attempts to test his immunity by climbing to the very top. The rest of the Lion Guard gathers around him, and Simba assures them that he is uninjured. Bunga and his adopted uncles, Timon and Pumbaa, sing "Bunga the Wise" with the gathered animals about Bunga's wisdom, much to the Lion Guard's dismay. Once safely back in the Pride Lands, the Lion Guard resolves to cool off at the water hole, and Kion gently reminds Fuli that she doesn't have to come. As she does so, Ono arrives, incredulous at Fuli's actions, and she exclaims that she is simply trying to make the antelope stand. The gazelles point out a shadow against a nearby ravine, and the Lion Guard sees the outline of a tall, spiked figure. After this, the friends encounter more and more animals taking Bunga's bad advice, and they're forced to rescue the poor beasts. Despite the honey badger's predicament, the two herd leaders continue squabbling until Kion steps forward, roaring for silence. Together, the team fends off the attackers. He reacts with confusion, wondering why a hammerkop would abandon its egg, and Kion resolves to find the mother and clear up the confusion. Eventually, the team gives up on the chase, for they realize that the aardwolves are afraid of them. They arrive just in time to stop Janja's clan from eating Zazu and begin to engage them in a fight. However, once she ventures closer, she realizes that she must have made a mistake, for the rock has no hole. At first, the two seem to succeed in their endeavor, but then Kenge manages to bite Ono on the wing, paralyzing him and effectively removing him from the fight. However, another sandstorm strikes, erasing their footprints and shifting the landscape so that they do not recognize where they are. Simba submits to these orders and starts the Lion Guard's chant as the team races away to fulfill their separate duties. With the galagos riding on Beshte's back, the Lion Guard proceeds to the galagos' tree, where they see the leopard resting in its branches. Kion uses the Roar to break apart the rock, not knowing that the wall functions as a dam, and accidentally opens a fissure that spurts water. The team becomes irritated when they realize that Thurston is still with them, but they have no choice but to proceed with their attack. Bunga looks on as Kion asks Simba for help. Askari appears in the clouds overhead and praises Kion for his decision. With Mapigano gone, Badili admits that he had been terrified, but the Lion Guard reassures him that he had looked nothing short of brave. However, as Bunga begins to bounce on the branch to weaken it, Nyuni the weaver angrily reveals his presence and explains that his nest lies at the end of the branch. Mzingo does as he is commanded, and the cubs find themselves walled in by flames. Bunga returns to the Lion Guard and gives Makini her staff back, after which the team moves on to find the next moja kwa moja stone. A short while later, Makini tells Bunga and the Guard that hyenas have kidnapped Kiara. Kion, irritated by the pain in his scar, nearly starts a fight with Makucha, only for his friends to calm him down. Later that day, Bunga hastens to Hakuna Matata Falls, where he awakens his uncles from slumber. Bunga tells Kion of another plot supposedly involving Makuu. A delighted Beshte starts to introduce them to his new friend, Ajabu, but the okapi disappears before his eyes. Beshte accepts the responsibility and heads out to clear paths through the Flood Plains, while the Lion Guard leads Basi to solid ground. Janja explains what Scar had told him about Kion's ability to defeat Scar once and for all. Fuli thanks Kion for understanding, but reassures him that she still enjoys the company of her friends and that she thinks of them as her family. In answer, Dhahabu quickly takes action, knocking over Makucha and kicking him into the dam. One of the hares approaches the Lion Guard and informs them that the other hares are hiding in empty aardvark dens, and the team resolves to save them before they can get buried in mud.
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