While there was a ton of great work done in 2018, I think a lot of terrific covers were overlooked due of some rather obvious distractions in and around media. While that’s cool, it doesn’t quite sum up exactly how radical this magazine really is. I always get drawn to covers that evoke an emotional reaction from me. Over 6,000 magazines at your fingertips on the world's largest digital magazine newsstand. The World's Best Magazines . Selecting a single example is tough, but this second cover of AIGA’s Eye on Design magazine was remarkable for two reasons. The rebirth of the magazine cover continues apace thanks to Instagram, where tiled jpegs fight for attention just as their paper versions always have on the newsstand. — Justin Armburger, Art Director, GIE Media, The New York Times Magazine — Robert Newman, Creative Director, This Old House, TIME Simple. Design Director: Gail Bichler Creative Director: Chin Wang Teen Vogue. October/November, 2018 — Rami Moghadan, Art Director, ESPN The Magazine, Civilization ESPN The Magazine’s September 10, Odell Beckham Jr. cover is a case study in composition. — Chris Deacon, Former Creative Director, Playboy and Time Out New York, ESPN The Magazine Face Up: Designers Pick the Best Magazine Covers of 2018 10 creative directors tell us what struck them the most about their favorite covers of the year. 2018 Summer Edition. They take people’s favorite podcasts and bring them to life on the written page, with a beautiful design and layout to match. The image is extremely powerful to me because instead of focusing on what most people, including the president, knew Stormy Daniels for, it forces the audience to face a woman who has very effectively stood up to a president who constantly degrades and insults women from behind the safety of television and social media. Elegant. Photographer: Amanda Demme Add a dash of alternating colors to the headline, a complementary steel blue table, plate and fork, and that orange wedge of yum just jumps right off the cover. mondo times The Worldwide Media Guide. Nothing is redundant. But seismic shifts in the ways magazines deliver their content to readers have done little to diminish the gravity of an impactful magazine cover—as evidenced by the growing number of online magazines who continue to produce digital “covers” long after forgoing their print editions. Here, a depiction of the two sides of the gun debate, unfolds over covers at left and right. Co-founders: Richard Turley, Lucas Mascatello and Mia Kerin, Civilization is the broadsheet-sized publication created by former Bloomberg Businessweek/MTV/Weiden & Kennedy creative force Richard Turley and a couple of his pals, with the mission of being “a future history of New York.”. Issuu. 2018 Best of Napa Valley Life. Pod Papers Magazine is a limited-edition magazine from the folks at the Paper & Packaging Board, and the idea is something we fell in love with immediately. Care & Maintenance Clerk-Kiewit Power Constructors - Kiewit Corporation - Lenexa. We love gifting Magazine subscriptions for a variety of occasions as they’re not something people usually think to buy for themselves. Chief Content Officer. Plus, they make a frugal gift idea that keeps on giving all year long, especially with all the free and inexpensive magazine deals we often post on Hip2Save!. The cover also cuts across political lines and forces viewers to focus on the underlying issue: treating all people equally. Here you can find a lot … Some of the best this year were Beyonce’s Vogue cover—she handpicked Tyler Mitchell to “give a step up” to an emerging African American photographer—and collaborations between female fine art photographers. 3.1. Then Minter layers on voluptous color, saturated pinks, glossy sheen and drips of liquid. September 3, 2018 The current issue, Issue 16, explores how people are surviving in a post “fake news” world, where social media is dominated by influencers and wannabes, and where people are beholden to what they’re calling, “the almighty algorithm.” Each issue also features editorials and interviews with different thinkers, artists, designers, etc. October 15–28, 2018 They physically move to the city for a few weeks, set up a studio there, and work directly with locals to provide the best and most in-depth content about that particular city.
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