Female borers lay their eggs on stressed trees and the resulting larvae burrow to the cambium layer. I never picture a maple tree crashing onto a home or a falling branch whacking a kid off his bicycle. Lived there from 1984 to 2006 in bloody bliss. Avoid these trees at all cost. There are a few species in particular that are more prone to dropping their branches—manna gum (E. viminalis), river red gum (E. camaldulensis), yellow box (E. melliodora) and maiden’s blue gum (E. globulus). But these problems relate to some species, often badly planted or positioned, not to all gum trees. These larval galleries can girdle a tree, disrupting water flow from the roots and killing the tree within weeks. The tree can fall at any time. The American sweet gum tree is also called Liquidambar. I had a gum tree well over 45M tall , that came out of the ground 2 mtres away from my house foundation. Trees, like most other living organisms, want to live and will do whatever they can to prevent demise. Gum trees have had a lot of bad press: they grow too big, fall over, drop branches and have other habits gardeners will not tolerate. Image adapted from: Sydney Oats; CC BY 2.0 These trees can also drop branches due to rot and extended drought. Oh, the leaves it drops in the fall seems like it is never ending too. This is especially dangerous as it can happen to healthy looking trees without any notice. I also agree the Sweet Gum tree is another bad choice. Don’t wind up regretting that you didn’t look at the ground around a tree which appears healthy and fully clad with foliage. Fire blight all over and now a mature tree just died for an unknown reason. It grows to 75 feet in height and prefers full sun in Zones 5 to 9, which includes all but the very northern and southern parts of the United States. When I bought my two-story Maryland colonial 12 years ago, it came with trees. A few weeks ago a eucalyptus tree … Some species of gum tree are more likely to drop their branches than others. Falling eucalyptus branches do not necessarily mean that your trees have a rot disease, or any disease for that matter. A large infestation can cause enough stress to cause leaf fall and attract the eucalyptus longhorned borer. A tree can appear healthy and vibrant with foliage but suddenly fall over if the structural roots are not strong enough to keep it standing. When eucalyptus tree branches keep falling, it may mean that the trees are suffering from extended drought. It is a popular street tree and is prized for its flashy display of fall foliage. Eucalyptus trees can be a particular pain for homeowners because of the chance that the trees will fall over. Most trees shed limbs, but few shed massive ones or fall over completely like gum trees do. Nature's autumn bounty of fallen leaves isn't usually a problem for lawns and gardens, and mulching the ground with them actually helps to feed the soil for a healthier yard. I've had branches split and fall and there appears to be a bug infestation since I now see decay on the bark. The eucalyptus tree can do some real damage to any structures -- or people -- it hits, despite its skinny, papery look. The first branch was level with the ceiling of the second storey. Officials in Costa Mesa aren't sure why the tree fell, but they responded by removing 100 blue gum eucalyptus trees from the area.
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