Great color for year-round crappies. These locations draw in baitfish that the crappie eagerly devour. A bobber and jig combination can be used throughout the year to catch crappie. Winter crappie are tough to find. 2. Come join the best Family Orientated fishing website on the Internet. This will do minimal damage to the minnow and allow it to remain lively. The winter transition usually occurs mid-November in the north until early December in the south. Marinas are great locations to fish for crappie in lakes that don’t freeze over. Don’t use braid as the ice will cut your line at the slightest abrasion. Use small minnows, smaller lures, smaller hooks, and lighter fishing line. It is a good idea when fishing docks to cast your baits as far under the docks as you can get them. I couldn’t find a comprehensive how-to guide for catching crappie online that truly covers every facet of crappie angling so I decided to create one myself. They will look like big black blogs with small white specs inside the black. Pink is very visible in all clarity levels of water. Any reports? In order to catch crappie, you need to first locate crappie depending on their seasonal behavior and environmental cues, then you need to know which approach is best suited for that situation, and lastly, you need to properly match the bait type and bait size to catch big crappie. Examples include steeper sides of a deeper hole and a point. During the fall, shad are a crappie’s favorite food. Note: Some crappie anglers find success with small spoons dressed with feathers and small crankbaits. I can remember some really cold winters where we’d get some ice on the lake (which is rare for the South). Fish your marabou jigs half-way down and your jigging raps about 1-3 feet off the bottom. Fire tiger, yellow perch, and minnow are great jigging rap patterns for crappie. Attach them to a small 1/32 or 1/16oz. Make sure you slow your approach way down and also downsize. Fish weeds first before any other crappie-attracting feature. I would personally check out weeds first as this is where you are most likely going to find them the easiest and where they’ll be the tightest stacked. These weeds will hold baitfish and oftentimes, a lot of crappie. If you don’t know where weeds are, fish basins. This subtle action is ideal for crappie in all seasons. Crappie will congregate in pockets where weed patches are thickest hunting for food. Slowly move your lure along. Crappie fishing in the winter can be very productive and its one of my favorite times to chase crappie. 1. If you find a fallen tree with a nice current pushing into it, that is a great spot to fish. Instead, head right for the deep basin(s). Use a single small split shot to keep the minnow from swimming to the surface where crappie are not. Here for AD-Free Premium membership options. Works great over weeds, under docks, and alongside sunken timber. These are great places to find crappie as they provide cool water, shade, and plenty of food. During the fall, look for shad in shallow bays. The summer also rings about extensive weed growth in a lake. This is another myth and it’s less true than the 1. hen fishing in smaller bodies of water, the topography is key. Winter Crappie Fishing On Sunny Days Weather is a major factor when determining how to fish wood cover for crappie on the clear water highland reservoirs. I really like Gulp! I have caught more crappie on minnows than any other bait. I hope this article on spring crappie fishing techniques helps you catch more crappies. These can work vertically jigged year-round around cover and structure, but they really shine in winter ice fishing. FreshwaterFishingAdvice is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to This is the classic crappie bait. Small Bluegills: Baby bluegills under 2 inches long can be good crappie bait. During the winter, look for deeper pockets of water. Look for large pockets of weeds near deeper water and fish these weeds thoroughly. I recommend using a good fish finder sonar with side-imaging capabilities. These areas are usually huge and finding them can seem daunting. While many anglers scowl at spider rigging it's truly one of the best ways to catch bigger and more crappie. 7 to 10 inches is pretty common, with white crappie a slightly larger max and on average – it’s negligible, however. Crappie will come near shore, especially in the spring but will associate heavily with prominent cover or structure. After ice melt, crappie will seek out the warmest water in a lake. Crappie lures come in many colors. #1 Pink: Pink is very visible in all clarity levels of water. Crappie like gradual movements. Easy for crappie to detect, I like finding lures that are contrasted 2-tone with a red, a black, or a blue. Just a little of the "right" knowledge about crappie fishing will do more for you to catch crappie than all that gear put together. Great color for year-round crappies. Jigs seem to perform best jigged a foot off the bottom and spoons do better fished mid-water. Crappie will scatter and even if you locate a few, you will need to move to catch more. Keep doing this until your bait is visible with the naked eye. This is means use smaller hooks. #3 White: White is a great neutral color than stands out very well in dark, muddy, and even clear water. Many crappie will remain in relatively shallow water under docks, weeds, bridge pilings, and among trees. This is simply a tough time to catch crappie. It could be crappie wise up and notice all their buddies were getting caught on pink so they should not bite pink. The vibrations the struggling minnow gives off will appeal to the sense of feel. if the water is clear, is the sun out, etc.). If you value a crappie lake, don’t take 30 crappie a day every day. If you have any questions or comments about crappie fishing feel free to leave them in the comments section below. During the summer, fish the docks. FreshwaterFishingAdvice is compensated for referring traffic and business to these companies. How do you catch crappie? You may find they ignore pink but eat white. If you locate an underwater point on your mapping software, focus your efforts first and foremost on the side of the point that is deepest. To learn more about crappie and how to fish for them from the masters of the sport, click here for “Crappie: How to Catch Them Spring and Summer,” a … A great way to catch fall crappie is by rigging a minnow up higher on your line and a jig down low. We all want more. If possible, stand on the logs and work your bait vertically among the branches. I am an avid angler and outdoorsman. Slowly jig your lure for about 30 seconds. You can use the 2-inch variety but I think you’ll catch a lot more crappie the 1-inchers. jig for the 1/32oz. This usually occurs in deeper water and large basins are a great place to search for crappie. If you find crappie near the surface, you will find crappie. #4 Red: Red is a very good crappie color. Crappie love docks at least 3 feet deep. “Water temperatures can get too cold to catch bass, but one thing about crappie: they don’t mind the cold. Black can work too. Swap out the 1/16oz. This sentiment is echoed by many crappie anglers. When fishing for crappie from the bank, look for structure near shore. Fish here first. During the summer, the thermocline in a lake can make the bottom section of the water column void of dissolved oxygen, this means crappie can only live in the upper 2/3 of the water. Many crappie will be shallow and use structure like docks, bridge pilings, and timber to ambush food and beat the heat. “Small jerkbaits can produce a lot of crappie. You may find crappie only want to eat the minnow or only want to eat the lure. This rule also applies to the winter. This isn’t good enough. How To Catch More Crappie. I really like dark jigheads with yellow, light green, white, or pink dressing. During the spawn, crappie move off softer bottoms and seek out harder surfaces. March 2, 2017 ODU Admin Panfish Fishing Comments Off on Catch More Crappie And Use A Kayak. My favorite live bait to use for crappie are fathead minnows but small shad work really well too, particularly in the fall. It is true many crappie will go deep where the water is cooler but not all. Allow the … Bobber rigs work really good fishing over thick weeds as they’ll keep your lure out of the vegetation and free of snags. Shad: If minnows are my #1, shad are my 1A. It may be tougher for crappie to see in muddy water or low-light though. Look for big weed pockets adjacent to deeper dropoffs. During the summer and early fall months, I can think of no better place to fish crappie than under docks. Not every weed patch will hold fish. During the winter when minnows and shad are more scarce, crappie will live among weeds to catch food. They do work really well. Look into back bays and near creek inlets. Just be careful. Yellows, pinks, reds, and whites are my favorites. Since then, I've lived across the country and have really taken that passion for fishing to a new level. Although minnows still catch great numbers of crappie, the panfish are also susceptible to biting an array of artificial lures ranging from soft plastics to … In these northern bays with muddy bottoms, find patches of weeds. #5 Green: Green is a good color for clearer water. Consistently taking that many crappies in a day calls for skill and perseverance. “Spring is good, don’t get me wrong – crappie move shallow, just like bass – but wintertime is my favorite time,” Davis says. You can use a bobber or free-line the minnow. These areas can attract crappie. Let the giants go for the future of your crappie fishing. Earthworms: I think worms can be a pretty good summer and early fall crappie bait. If It’s a calm day with little wind chop on the water, you can cast your lure really hard and skip it like you would a stone on the surface of the water for extra distance. I have found that crappie higher in the water column seem to prefer marabou jigs and crappies down on the bottom like jigging raps. In deep lakes, crappie will move down into the deeper basins. Even if you do catch a couple, they can be so scattered you may need to move repeatedly to keep finding new crappie to hit. This is where crappie will head pre-spawn. You will catch a lot more bluegills, bullheads, and trout than crappie on worms. Crappie will hold tight amongst the tree so you will need to work your baits vertically within the branches. Docks, Bridge Pillars, Weeds, and Timber. A slip bobber is a great tool for catching crappie from shore as they will allow you fish vertically but cast the bait far from shore for scenarios where crappie are suspended more than a few feet from shore. Fishing with bobbers can also help you catch more crappie. Minnows as a swimbait. Use smaller lures, baits, and minnows. If you can get away with it, use 2-lb. Those color contrasts make it easier for crappie to see them in all water types and they are attractive to crappie. A bobber rig is a great way to deliver a lure to crappie in a slow methodical way to ensure the bait remains in the strike zone teasing a crappie as long as possible. Use a long-shank size 6 j-hook as this will allow the minnow to remain alive much longer, prevent the barb from re-piercing the minnow, and make hook removal a lot easier. Be prepared to drill plenty of holes and bounce around often chasing the bites. This site is owned and operated by Eric Matechak. Cast your baits as far back there as you can get it. Black can work too. Again, find the shad first. 4. These apply to ice-covered lakes and warmer lakes. You can catch crappie through the ice by jigging live bait, small spoons, or jigs over known humps, weeds, or in deeper basins. Here for AD-Free Premium membership options. I hope you find tremendous value. These deeper sides of points will hold the most crappie. Click Run the hook through the upper lip and out one of the nostrils. Anytime you are fishing for winter crappie in shallow lakes, focus on weeds. Crappie use their senses of sight, smell, and feel to detect food. In the winter, downsize everything. Bobbers also make it easier to cast out a light jig or set lure depth. Live shad and shad-pattern lures will be your ticket. How to Catch More Crappie I want more. link to Will Salmon Bite at Night? Crappie seem to bite really well just after sunrise and in the waning hours of sunlight near sunset.
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