Maybe it’ll soon be a stump whose rings will reveal its exact age, whose cordwood will provide warmth for many winters. Bowhunters are particularly secretive, extremely protective of their favorite tree stands. Out of the focused reading arose growing suspicions in my mind about the source of the Montague petroglyph. 4 (Charlestown, NH), and Canterbury settlement had begun. I’m moving into a meditative space I have often visited over the past 41 years, one I always welcome and from which I have produced thousands of columns created by whatever spirit moves me. Where Was Canterbury of Early Hatfield/Whately. Such discoveries occur for a reason. I thought heads should roll for unjustified killings of peaceful protestors exercising their right of peaceful assembly under the First Amendment. Close up medieval guild sign for a guesthouse and tavern in the historic old city of Chur in Switzerland. It was still dangerous territory not far from frontier villages dating back more than 75 years. Phinehas Field had much to be proud of. As Main Street merchants, vendors, restaurateurs and bar owners count their losses and struggle to stay afloat, the online genealogy companies must be riding high. University of Victoria Comments (2). medieval-tavern-3982824. From the Roxburghe Ballads. Actually, the younger Brooks, 49, completed each step of her degree path a little earlier than Bruchac, earning her BA from Goddard College in 1993, her MA from Boston College in 1998, and her PhD at Cornell in 2004. Cresting the wooden frame defining the crossing was a carved sign sporting a coiled rattlesnake preceding a warning that read “Avril Wood: Don’t Tread on Me.” Apparently, the commune’s name was Avril Wood and the members didn’t enjoy trespassers. On that Ohio college campus, an anti-war demonstration blew up into chaos when National Guardsmen shot four protestors dead and wounded nine others to set off a contentious national debate. Really, my most focused research occurred during the early 1990s, before the chasing was good – back in the pre-Google days of library visits, laptop transcriptions into Family Tree Maker files, and CompuServe Genealogy Forum queries. It had been a typical morning. remorse of voice?" So, there you have it. They do. I out by the barn picking raspberries when I initiated our first interaction with some playful remark to his friend, Erin, a young girl whose parents live next door. Seems to me there was something happening at the old youth-baseball field off Christian Lane, before the days of Herlihy Park. Erin is used to it. Over time, the kid undoubtedly would have figured out my little lesson on his own. Neither of them placed the Allis Farm, now owned by the Pasiecniks, in Canterbury, associating it instead with the old Bradstreet Grant, the northern boundary of which fell some 4,800 feet shy of the Deerfield line. Thus the confusion about the specifics of this place, named in the early days of Hatfield, that ultimately became the northeast corner of Whately. Godfrey;s tale relied mostly on the then unpublished manuscript of Baptist missionary Silas Tertius Rand (1810-1889), who lived with and studied the Micmacs for 40 years and whose Legends of the Micmac was posthumously published in 1893. We were still chatting when Dassatti returned from his photo-shoot. The main meal was pottage, a thick stew made by boiling vegetables and grains. Close inspection of the stone revealed drill holes indicative of modern quarrying. And dub me knight, Domingo.". Mead. Measured at 17.2 feet around, the forester dug out his calculator, converted the circumference to 206.4 inches and plugged it into a complex formula involving Pi and the tree’s growth factor to arrive at an estimated age of 276 years, give or take. (see below) as well as games, both outdoor and indoor, some Having finished the High Ridge leg of the mission, we crossed Henhawk, passed my Jeep, and were following a stonewall up Dry Hill when I stumbled on what felt like a vine or maybe a strand of old metal fence buried in fresh leaf litter. First, a little more on the underwater panther itself. The year 1970 also produced Kent State, which unfolded on May 4 and likely means nothing to most high-school students today. I had met my first bad editor. If not, move on. an alehouse of my lady's house, that ye squeak out your In the tavern they will play a game in which they will make a wager. Join us! His email arrived that evening from Tennessee, where he was overseeing the follow-up archaeological excavation of a 13,000-year-old mastodon site. Old wooden medieval tavern signboard isolated on white. For many visitors who want a glimpse of what it is like to visit a medieval tavern… By the late 17th century, the diaspora of southern New England Natives brought them west to the Berkshires and upper Hudson Valley, north to the upper reaches of Lake Champlain, and as far west as the Upper Great Plains, where they assimilated into the dominant societies. “Where did you come up with that petroglyph?”, “A kayaker found it on the Connecticut River.”, “Interesting. An underwater panther in Montague? I think his first name was Rich. A man dressed as a courtier or officer 17-18 age in tavern. Measure uses the game as one of his euphemisms for Of course, I couldn’t resist skimming the pages for interesting tidbits and names of ancestors. I contacted Lattrell when lingering questions about the tree, its cause of death and age kept surfacing during telephone conversations. Heavy overnight winds and rains have passed, leaving in their wake an ebullient-green yard, the rich, verdant base only enhancing ornamental trees and bushes to their happiest springtime splendor. Ale was the older drink, made from malt, water We climbed under the fence and walked to the edge of the pond basin in which it stood. Even thousands of years ago, Pocumtuck storytellers would have had the liberty to employ poetic license by shaping a deep-history tale to the times – say, for instance, folding it into narrative about natural disaster, such as a flood or drought, perhaps a devastating human epidemic, maybe blight or insect infestation of important plant foods. The swirling vortex is created by the collision at an odd angle of two powerful natural forces – the Deerfield and Connecticut rivers – capable during high-water events of swallowing a canoe and spitting it out. View %{phrase} images. In fact, that seems most likely. Then we’d close it out on December hardwood ridges during the shotgun and blackpowder deer seasons. We traveled a short distance, took a quick right before a barn and followed the lane along a barb-wired pasture holding cattle, parking 50 yards north of the tree. Plant food, not meat – a fact Native Americans would obviously have known. A venerable, solemn Phinehas Field is displayed in the formal, sketched portrait accompanying his online Find A Grave profile. Had he known, he may have asked whether indigenous is upper or lower case? An expert deer hunter and woodsman who moved through the forest like a cat, he had toured his woodlands and marshes since boyhood. Standing and chatting a short distance from the dead elm as Dassatti circled us taking photos, our private discussion entered into trees, nature and worldview. For those unfamiliar with old railroad jargon, “cow catchers” were iron grills sturdily installed on the front of trains to protect the engine, clear obstructions and prevent derailments. From no perspective does Sugarloaf fit that profile better than from the meadows stretching out a mile south from its base. Click for the words of another drinking song. Download my royalty free music here:***Want to use my music in your own videos, games, etc. Roll Random Map! Sad indeed. Now, bear with me. Quite an assemblage of family data, the material opened a window into my Woodruff and Sanderson ancestors, plus many peripherals relating to South Deerfield and Whately. Purely in-town vernacular usage would explain why another respected 19th-century valley historian, Sylvester Judd (1789-1860), follows suit. thanks =] Anyone who’s traveled River Road from Hatfield to Whately knows the spectacle. Who knew? Falstaff has just been exposed as a coward, and Poins presses A real medieval tavern, beer mugs, lit by torches, candlesticks on the table and feast like in the Middle Ages :). The humble man remained upbeat, seemed to accept his blindness with aplomb and without regrets or complaints. Although I noticed that it contained five or 10 pages of notes, I was in a rush and did not investigate the topic. I would have preferred a humorous and evasive answer. I finally reached out by Facebook Messenger, and he agreed to visit the site and age the big elm on one of his trips through Greenfield. Then, of course, there is Native American, hunter-gatherer spirituality, which follows the same wholistic pattern, granting equality to virtually everything in their universe. As trade gr… Maybe this uninvited demon will disappear by summer. Unfortunately, there is no 19th-century, wax-cylinder, Native-tongue recording of the Great Beaver Tale collecting Smithsonian Institution dust. tapster, but is also a bawd; and there were constant Following a sudden health event brought on by advancing age, one that doctors apparently never totally understood, he had lost his eyesight overnight a few years ago. My guess is maybe some sort of a small lumber operation.”. Sad but true. Hailing from a Greenfield, New York storytelling family that includes older brother Joseph Bruchac and his sons, James and Jesse, Marge Bruchac was the perfect Beaver Tale-rebirth vehicle. coziers' catches [cobblers' rounds] without any mitigation or charged with "lodging strange men in his bed with him and his It’s older than I thought.”. A tavern meal. However, with that project ongoing and far from finished, why bother piecemealing it out so early in the process, and chancing errors? The sensational story got big play in a newspaper full of short local-news blurbs. Nonetheless, his blindness never diminished his spirit or stopped him from touring the roads and trails, still with a hop in his step. and spices; beer was made with the addition of the relatively Many indigenous tales recounted classic battles between this culture hero and Pleistocene megafauna like the giant beaver, comparable in size to today’s black bear. Comments (2). Reluctant to engage in conversation during the height of state’s COVID-19 distancing measures, Peirce decided to paddle a short distance down the Connecticut on a temporary reconnaissance mission. And there you have it in its entirety: a white man’s tale; that of Sugarloaf’s Great Beaver, which stood till the dawning of our 21st century. Then along came the articulate, younger Brooks, who threw her creative hat into the ring to assist in the reshaping of a pre-Columbian oral tale. The clear, mucky-bedded spring brook runs south approximately 1.3 miles, crossing under Christian Lane and River Road before joining the Connecticut River about 1,000 feet northeast of today’s Straits Road-River Road intersection. That was 14 years before the end of the final French and Indian War, and the neighborhood was perilous through the 1750s. They’ve added vivid color and detail to a foundational sketch. Download the MP3 file I’ll conclude with an interesting little peripheral outtake: the tragic death of Rudolphus Sanderson, struck in his buggy and killed by a Connecticut River Railroad “express train.” He was at the old North Main Street crossing now spanned by the “Dry Bridge” in South Deerfield. How embarrassing for an adolescent lad of my persuasion. Yes, that partial family record ignited genealogical research that continues to this day. old justice Silence begins to sing (drunkenly). Simply put, there is no better way. Today, the few stragglers that remain stand as lonely reminders of our past. According to genealogist Timothy Lester Jacobs of the Society of the Descendants of the Founders of Hartford, “Zachery” Field was engaged as a Northampton and Hatfield resident “in mercantile business, and had a large trade with the Indians.” A pioneer in the true sense of the word, he didn’t live long enough to see Hatfield split off from Hadley and gain township in 1670. Wow! The problem is that a definitive answer may be more elusive now than it was for Temple and Crafts 148 and 101 years ago. I place some, answer others. “So, maybe I’ll use your full name,” I said. The Gazette story reported that Sanderson had traveled from Whately to Meadow Mills for a “grist” and was killed on the return trip. Back then I even happened upon a small Sixties artist commune hidden there, the members of which summered in twine-bound lean-tos off Henhawk Road. The first is Whately’s 250th next year, then my hometown of Deerfield’s 350th in 2023. I remove them on my side, wearing gloves to uproot them. He brought the stone to her property from Northfield, carved the panther on its face, and buried it upright on her small, sandy beach. “I don’t want to touch the nettles.”. accusations that criminals planned their nefarious activities Occasionally, I’d lower my standards and dip into the 190s when checking-station personnel raved about the animal. Among those patrons were many names with which I was more familiar today than I was 10 years ago, having studied early church and town records for South Deerfield, Sunderland and Whately. there were alehouses, where "cakes and ale*" were served. Bruchac and Brooks have many tendrils reaching into those upper-Champlain Native communities, and thus understand the melting-pot dynamics dating back hundreds of years. It’s about a road near the Stowe Mountain Resort in Vermont, where his college friend lives. To this day, I still can’t believe I found that device by total accident in such a timely fashion. From the Roxburghe Ballads. Dwyer Lot, the site of the beef barbecue and Rotary Club Beer Fest, was right across Pleasant Street from the home my parents shared with my grandfather for my first 12 years of boyhood. From the photos, Thomas created sharpened digital files that can be enlarged and more easily read on a computer screen. While hands can heave the pot, The result in this instance is that the pun Medieval Fayre 2020: There & Back Again * * * * * * Counting finished! Yes, unlikely, but not impossible. Now, they own it… and go to great lengths to protect it. Although that name is indeed more of a Whately phenomenon, it was settled between 1749 and 1770, when still part of Hatfield. I freeze them in flat, layered Ziplock bags, which provide sweet, succulent, off-season breakfasts when mixed in cold cereal, steaming oatmeal and, every now and then, tasty muffins baked in cast-iron pans. They view such information as strictly confidential, reserved only for family and dearest friends, if that. It just happened. No one is certain precisely why or when it was so named, or who named it. It doesn’t matter. Undoubtedly an outspoken Lincolnian Republican, Field’s tall, mushroom-capped gravestone stands in East Charlemont’s Leavitt Cemetery, situated along the Mohawk Trail on the western skirt of Charlemont Academy. Nonetheless, no one was ever prosecuted, and the explosive event soon faded into the ether. Not in my mind. Survival Project - Castle Rosethorns. Those four farms likely comprised all of Canterbury before Whately was established in 1771. She recorded birth, death and marriage dates for the family members under her Pleasant Street roof, beginning with her father Asa Franklin Woodruff (1817-1891) and his wife Eliza Arms (1824-1898). A tavern of the later Medieval period might be imagined as a fairly substantial building of several rooms and a generous cellar. The first to respond was Gramly. “Trust me. $('#embed-d13').mediaelementplayer({'customError':$('#embed-d13 .me-err-fallback').html()}); Click for more on Shakespeare's pronunciation. I should have known better, given his previous place of residence – that UMass bedroom community known to sarcastic Trump supporters as The Peoples’ Republic of Montague Center. Oh, how times have changed. I also attended the same high school as his three children, and often stopped to chat as an adult when passing through his neighborhood, especially during pheasant hunting. This room is designed with a 13th-century European medieval tavern in mind. It’ll take weeks, maybe months, of research to connect all the loose ends for an accurate reconstruction picture. The statute of limitations long ago passed. In an eatery facing the town common, a large Confederate flag hanging horizontally and menacingly above the grill, the proprietor more than willing to share his reactionary views on race and “long-haired, hippie commies.”. Ask JiriRysavy about Stredoveka krcma Detenice. I call it censorship, unwelcome and unjustified in any fair, freethinking, open and honest classroom. The accent here (as in In those local papers he tested out the narrative of what would become his acclaimed History of Deerfield in the years leading up to its 1895 publication. His father, also Phinehas, was a Revolutionary soldier; grandfather Moses had fought in the French and Indian War; great-grandfather Ebenezer had been mistaken for an Indian, shot and killed by a Northfield sentry; and his previously mentioned second great-grandfather Samuel was a King Philip’s War vet. I then followed it about three feet to the left, where it was anchored to another tree base, creating a tripwire. So, why rush it here and now and risk nagging corrections? In fact, I’d take a wild guess that there are many 30-somethings today who have never once opened a telephone book looking for a number. Perhaps the locative Canterbury had gone out of use by 1890s, or had always been an in-town location used only by folks in Hatfield and Whately. Toon Viking Dwarf Horde at the Brewery. Returned from a meandering meadow walk, my saturated, worn Gore-Tex hiking boots facing the sun on the flagstone terrace hauled many years ago by oxcart from Charlemont. The ancient, indigenous Great Beaver Tale about the origin of Deerfield’s Pocumtuck Range has changed dramatically since 1890, when East Charlemont antiquarian Phinehas Field’s 105-word, 1871 description was published in Volume 1 of History and Proceedings of the Pocumtuck Valley Memorial Association (1870-79). He said that although doctors classified him as blind, he could detect some light, shapes, and movement, just enough to stubbornly continue putting one foot in front of the other on home turf he had trekked since childhood. That said, it seems logical to me that the Canterbury plot, as first known, was that very slice of rich, terraced farmland wedged between the Connecticut River and Hopewell Plain, north of the old Bradstreet Grant and south of the Deerfield line. My family was no exception. Sorry, Kid. And there it stands today, along the border, in Heath.). In the process of trying to set up a field trip with Thomas, Peirce and myself at the very least, I fired off a cautionary email to Thomas on the morning of June 7 indicating that I wanted to eliminate one last potential source who could know something about the carving. When I tried unsuccessfully to pull right through the snag, I backed off, freed my boot, and spotted a shiny cord of some sort. The code of Hammurabi included laws regulating beer and beer parlours and it dates back to about 1754 BC, indicating that beer parlours and the commerce of beer were already common at that point.Taverns were also common in the Roman Empire.. Crafts set the groundwork, so to speak, which makes perfect sense given that he himself was from the earliest bolt of colonial Connecticut Valley cloth. Before we proceed in this sensitive Happy Valley, let me say I could have used either gender to describe this wise old sentry, standing straight as a preacher man in the fertile North Meadows. Like they say all the time in Chicopee: You can’t make it up. He wondered if I was familiar with his Montague find. So I'd like any information that anyone could give me about games that were played in taverns between the 12-14 centuary. Interpreting deer sign along that circuitous journey, we’d be able to assess their feeding and bedding habits. Outlook was alerting me to Peirce’s email. None. Not unlike the Wild West, I’m glad I grew up where I did. After I had obtained all the facts I could gather from the man named Bill something-or-other, I phoned the Hatfield hunter to get his story. An early arrival to Boston in 1629, he settled in Dorchester before joining Rev. The life-expectancy of an American elm is about 300 years, and he thinks it had simply run its course in fertile isolation and died of old age. That name, Ktsi Amiskw, means “The Great Beaver,” territory encompassing not only the Pocumtuck Range but also the fertile shelf it sits on. Soup – Traditional Czech potato soup. Thankfully, at the last minute, I fact-checked the incident, which was a cumbersome task. Although the regional preferences didn’t necessarily rule out the possibility that the Montague carving had been executed by an indigenous carver of Connecticut Valley heritage, it did raise warning flags. Lattrell remembers thinking, “Huh? Krcma,sign for tavern, Medieval Fair, Zagreb 2015, 1. Zippo. Patrons enjoyed songs (Twelfth Night, He and those intimately familiar with the stately tree were perplexed by its sudden death – green leaves one day, then brown, then soon on the ground below, leaving a tall, broad, naked skeleton standing more than 100 feet tall with a 19-foot circumference at the base and at least 10 muscular leaders reaching to the sun. of which no doubt involved gambling: dice, shove-groat, After a brief exchange of pleasantries, he moved straight to the point. Period. Log cabins were replaced by farmhouses, most of which have burned to the ground, or were torn down long ago. “Why do you keep doubting it’s real?” he barked. Medieval cuisine includes foods, eating habits, and cooking methods of various European cultures during the Middle Ages, which lasted from the fifth to the fifteenth century.During this period, diets and cooking changed less than they did in the early modern period that followed, when those changes helped lay the foundations for modern European cuisine. Never do such unfettered thoughts flow freer than on brisk, solitary walks, one foot in front of the other, heart thumping, blood circulating, sweat dripping, thoughts swirling into a dust storm of stimuli, the topics darting from here to there and back again. I was, however, quite sure she was not originally from New England. Zachariah’s son, Sgt. “Can’t say I blame you,” I answered. Still, I could find no New England examples of an underwater panther, just serpents. puritan, catches his pedantic If you can get an accurate town of kill, you’re doing well. next page). Book online! That, I decided, would have to wait until I had them available on my hard drive. They call that reciprocity, don’t they? A man who volunteered for Civil War service after his 60th birthday, Field had, by the time of this formal portrait, served many years as deacon of the Charlemont Congregational Church and lived a distinguished, pious life. With little specie available during the Revolutionary War era, debts were paid with labor – such as hoeing corn, cutting firewood, roofing and construction of buildings – and commodities, such as “cyder,” maple syrup, furniture, lumber, chestnut shingles, and animal pelts. Sans taint or stain, However, if there’s one question no hunter likes to answer, it’s stand location. The bottom line is that there’s still a lot more to learn. I may soon poke around up there if I decide to hunt that back field bordering Mill River and the swamp. Still, unlikely as it may seem, it happened. But I’d wager that the impressive wall mount is still on display somewhere in the valley. She was home when I left for a men’s softball game in Buckland, and dead at the hospital before I returned home. First written as two words, Sugar Loaf, in Colonial documents, it was a common European name for mountains that looked from afar like the molded, conical lumps of sugar people bought in the marketplace. Join Planet Minecraft! In fact, not only is it a dangerous whirlpool, it may well be the most dangerous whirlpool in the 400-mile-long Connecticut Valley. Yes, he had work to do – the kind he loves. What better place to perform ritualistic theater? Selfishness was not tolerated by Native Americans, who valued community sharing and charity. With a great stake in hand, he waded the river until he found the beaver, and so hotly chased him that he sought to escape by digging into the ground. Quite the contrary, he likely thought the whole concept was ridiculous, an silly tale from primitive, Stone Age people. Yes, he said, deer often bed in that field after feeding on acorns along the north-south oak ridge behind it. Sixty years younger, Gilead had reminded me that you’re never too old to learn, too young to teach. Because PVMA founder George Sheldon was a prolific contributor to the Greenfield paper and also the smaller Turners Falls Reporter. “Had the western sun not been at a perfect angle to illuminate it through a gap in the foliage, I would have never noticed it,” recalled Peirce, who, curious about what looked like a manmade squiggle on an obscured standing stone, turned his kayak around and paddled upstream to investigate. for offline playback in a dedicated media player. In fact, they’ve multiplied tenfold – with one major difference. No need fo do anything except enjoy ourselves. “I wish there were paths to the ripe berries I can’t reach,” he said. published in 1611--"He That Will an Alehouse Keep.". Gitmo would be too good for them! Not new to me, it never gets old, and now many of the most essential information is available at the tip of your fingers in cyberspace, necessitating fewer trips to the library. But what did I know? We’re talking about familiar surnames like Allis and Arms, Bardwell and Belden, Dickinson, Hinsdale, Jennings, Marsh, Nash, Porter, Waite, Wells, and many more. Why? His humble manner, dignity, and humility bespoke his rural Yankee pedigree. Plus, there’s Hatfield’s 350th this year, which has already been reduced to a disappointing virtual celebration due to COVID-19 demons, likely to be present virtually anywhere, but especially in dense gatherings. Natural occurrences were seldom if ever viewed as simple coincidence, and could always be related to familiar, ancient tales known for millennia and told around cozy winter fires capable of stirring creative juices of storyteller and listener alike. The longer versions would have been great theater, the full Monty, so to speak, introducing song and dance, the heartbeat of drums and chants, flashy costume and hushed drama – suspense that could strike fear or rapture into an entranced gathering. What a freakin’ fiasco, misinformation swirling like a meandering cyclone. Let’s not go there. Well, little did I know that more reliable data would soon appear in the form of an incredible stroke of good fortune. Where he works to win his name, What he did was hire a pilot friend from Northampton to enhance the Saturday-night fireworks scheduled to be launched from Mt. written by a Flemish composer whose name is most commonly Before pavilion construction, the field served as an agricultural plot where silage corn was grown in my youth, even occasional potatoes if I’m not mistaken. For whatever reason, Sheldon never mentions it. Plus, I still occasionally bump into the stoneware jugs sold in facsimile remembrance of Whately’s 19th-century Thomas Crafts pottery. By 1750, and probably a generation earlier, they had, according to late, great anthropologist Gordon Day, adopted the language of their Sokoki hosts, many of whom had previously lived around Northfield. That position, penned by the same hand, was met with bright red insults from a love-it-or-leave-it teacher, who gave me a D and unfairly evaluated the rest of my assignments that semester. Date of visit: July 2016. Deacon D.W. Childs of Deerfield insured his life a short time since for $1,000.”. The Code of Hammurabi of ancient Babylonia (c. 1750 bce) provided that the death penalty The prominent landscape feature looming over Canterbury is distinctive Mount Sugarloaf, poking abruptly from the northern perimeter of the river meadows like a cathedral off the Connecticut’s west bank. In Henry IV, Part Two, the Yes, totally appropriate for the day. Second, such carvings are not typically found on standing stones, but rather on river, lake, and bayside ledge. Hopewell Swamp hugs the base of the plain’s undulating western lip for approximately 3½ miles south, to within view of Hatfield Pond’s northern reach. Just downstream, clinging to the Connecticut’s East Deerfield shoreline, lies exposed, red-sandstone bedrock known historically as Sheldon’s Rocks.
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