“Darwin assumed that the increase of information comes from natural selection. Paley’s argument is inductive by revealing it actually to be a deductive argu-ment. William Paley's watchmaker analogy is basically a teleological argument. But natural selection reduces genetic information. Paley’s watch maker argument – an argument for the existence of God by the clearly apparent design in nature is one of the most powerful arguments for God’s existence. Paley attempts to show that just as a watch, which is a complex device that fulfills a certain function, requires a maker, the universe, which is equally sophisticated and has complex life forms must have a designer. Notice that a creator who was designed, and thus began to exist is incompatible with an eternal creator outside of time. Hence, Paley’s argument is referred to as the Teleological Argument – i.e. – so the creator must be omnipotent. State Paley’s argument for God’s existence as clearly as possible. 2. Although William Paley published his watchmaker argument many years after David Hume's death, his design arguments must have been going around intellectual circles for many years prior, since David Hume did address them in his Dialogues Concerning Natural Religion, which was published after his death. Rather  specified complexity – as Dembski put it, or “purposeful complexity”  as Paley put it which includes “contrivances” as he described, is what requires a designer. What evidence do we have that God is complex?  How did he examine God? The reason they tend to a goal (the target) is because they have been set in motion “under the direction of someone with awareness and with understanding.” [1]  In other words, they have a goal maker, or put another way an intelligence with a design in mind – to hit the target. 1.. A watch found out in the heath (countryside) is a product of intelligent design (purpose). 8. That is the essence of the argument of Michael Ruse to Ben Stein in “Expelled no Intelligence Allowed” – that life may have developed into the needed complexity on the back of crystals (1 minute video).  What Ruse and many others skeptics miss, is that the identification of design is contingent not only on just complexity, put as Dembski put it “specified complexity” [emphasis mine] or as Paley put it “purposeful design”. (Argument from analogy), 3. It does this by asserting complexity and order can only be caused by a designer” Watch / universe is not product of impersonal principle of order, 6. Which is true – complexity in and off itself does not require a designer. Paley talks about “contrivances” with clearly designed goals and purposes – which results in complexity. What evidence do we have that God is complex?  How did he examine God? from Expelled, No Intelligence Allowed, Documentary by Ben Stein, 2008 The argument hinges upon the assumed premise that 'like causes resemble like effects'. But Second: what he’s really addressing is another point in Christian theology.  Here he talks about things like birth defects and pregnancy complications. What is design argument in simplest form? Ignores Natural Selection (Mistake @ 3:52) It Doesn’t Imply a Designer, it Implies Many (mistake @ 6:19) Thus examining the evidence as Paley did, one must conclude that God is eternal, and thus uncreated, and thus without beginning or end, and thus uncaused and un-designed. The Argument fails because complexity doesn’t require a designer. Thanks, and yes you’re correct on both accounts – like the Pharisees who refused to see the miracle of the healing of the blind man (John 9), skeptics who don’t want to see evidence of God simply won’t. Self contradicting (mistake @ 5:54) 1-6.] (Another thing it can’t do. And yes tuning was omitted – corrected. Though many objections are put forth, all fail spectacularly for usually the same small set of reasons: either because the skeptic doesn’t understand the argument and thus raises irrelevant objections –, William Dembski’s “specified complexity” is a teleological argument. The point of the argument is to prove God exists – which it does.  Besides, the reason God sent Jesus was to reveal God. Published in 1802, it purports to give “evidences of the existence and attributes of … Here he’s just spouting Evolutionary dogma while, I’ve written a number of articles on why Evolution is impossible. What is William Paley's argument for design. He further claims “We know for a fact that nature can, does and has produced remarkably complex organisms without a conscious and intelligent behind them.”(4:14) We know no such thing. I’ll point them out as we come across them. I was asked to defend the assessment  I made  of a critique of Paley‘s argument by YouTube channel “Rationality Rules”, in which I claimed the video was a joke because it misunderstood the argument and used straw man arguments and logical flaws.  Specifically I was asked to defend: 1.) The whole point of his little video is to prove that the watchmaker doesn’t imply a designer.
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